02-26-2013 Select Board Meeting Minutes


Town of Bowdoinham

Select Board Meeting

February 26, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.



1.         Call the Meeting to Order & Establish a Quorum


The meeting was called to order and quorum established by Chairman Hobart at 5:30 p.m.  Select Board members Brian Hobart, Kathy Gallant, and M. Theresa Turgeon were present. Members Kathy Tome and Douglas Tourtelotte were absent.  Staff present included Town Manager William Post.  Also present were Stuart Burrell and George Christopher.


2.         Amendments to the Agenda – None


3.         Approve Consent Calendar

  1. Meeting Minutes of February 12, 2013
  2. Warrants & Financial Reports:
    1. Treasurer’s Warrant #44 for $68,951.50


On motion of Turgeon/Gallant, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the consent calendar as presented.


4.         Action Items


            A.  Act on Background Check Policy for Recreation Department Volunteers.


The Manager stated that the town attorney had completed the review of the policy and did not change any language. The Manager added a space for the volunteers to add coaching experience on the form as suggested by Board member Kathy Gallant.


            On motion of Gallant/Turgeon, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the Background Check Policy for Recreation Department Volunteers as presented.


            B.      Act on Solid Waste Management Agreement with Pine Tree Waste


The Manager stated that the previous three-year agreement with Pine Tree Waste expired on June 30, 2012. While reviewing documents he noticed this and contacted Pine Tree Waste. The contract allows the curbside pick-up contractor to deliver garbage to Pine Tree Waste’s facility in West Bath. The current fee is $71.60 per ton and will increase according to the CPI each year, with a cap of 3%. These are the same terms as the previous contract. The term of the contract is July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015.


            On motion of Gallant/Turgeon, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the contract with Pine Tree Waste as presented.


            C.     Act on Quit Claim Deed for Payment of 2011 Taxes by Joshua Rollins


            A quit claim deed was presented for the Board to approve because the taxpayer paid the 2011 taxes on his property.


            On motion of Gallant/Turgeon, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the Quit Claim Deed for Joshua Rollins as presented.


            D.     Act on Adjustment to Employees Health benefit Allotment


The Manager stated that the Personnel Policy allows a Health benefit Allotment for each eligible employee. This allotment can be used by employees to purchase health insurance from the plans offered by the town up to a full family plan. The Select Board adjusts the health benefit allotment annually to match the cost for the family plan. The cost of the family plan increases from $914.16 per month to $1,033.17 per month effective March 1st. This will also increase the manager’s monthly allowance by $119.01.


On motion of Tourtelotte/Gallant, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the Health Benefit Allotment of $1,033.17 per month for eligible employees.



5.         Discussion Items


            A.  Discuss Excise Tax Refund Request


The Manager stated that a citizen is requesting a refund of excise tax paid on a truck tractor. The engine failed after he paid the excise tax and registered the truck and he is not replacing the truck, so he cannot transfer the excise to another vehicle. He has cancelled the registration with the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Excise tax refunds are not common, and are brought to the Board for review and discussion.


Chair Hobart asked if the excise refund could be pro-rated. The manager stated that it could be, but the excise tax was paid on February 4, 2013 and the request letter was written on February 14th, so the pro-ration would not amount to much, less than $1.00 per day as the excise paid was approximately $319.00.


On motion of Turgeon/Hobart, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve a refund of excise tax for David Dunlap d/b/a Dunlap Transportation in the amount of $319.20.


            B.   Discuss Change to Fire Department Ordinance


The Manager stated that Chief Tourtelotte believes that this ordinance should be amended. Section 203, “Organization” limits the volunteer firefighter membership to 30 firefighters. The Fire Department is currently at that number and more volunteers are asking to join the department. The manager stated that language could be added that does not cap the number of firefighters but recognizes the fact that the department does not have an infinite budget for equipping the volunteers.


Chair Hobart suggested that the sentence that includes the cap could simply be deleted. Board member Gallant agreed.


The Manager stated that he would make this change and have it ready for the Board to approve for the Town Meeting warrant.


6.         Town Manager’s Report


            The Manager stated that the interviews were completed for the fire chief position and a top candidate was identified. A physical and background check will be completed this week. The appointment is scheduled for the Board’s March 12th meeting. Chair Hobart stated that the process that was designed by the manager for hiring and interviewing for the fire chief’s position was the best he had ever been involved in.


            The Manager asked the Board if the salary of the fire chief should be the same as the outgoing chief’s salary, or if it should be lower. He suggested that the salary could be reduced by 10% from $15,155 to $13,640. By consensus the Board agreed to keep the salary the same because of the time necessary for the position and the nature of the position.


            The Manager stated that there will be an open house for Chief Tourtelotte on April 1st at the Fire Station from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. This will be a time for residents and others to stop in and wish Chief Tourtelotte well in his retirement. It is expected that awards and presentations will be scheduled around 6:30 p.m. that evening. 


            The Manager stated that the Energy Committee met on Monday with representatives from a consulting company and discussed the potential for bringing natural gas to Bowdoinham. This was the first discussion, but it led to more questions and the Committee will be reaching out to two companies that have been active lately in the state to gauge their interest in bringing natural gas to Bowdoinham. 


7.         Select Board Member’s Request for Agenda Items for Next Meeting – None 


8.         Announce Future Meetings and Events (Meetings at Coombs Building unless noted)

A.  Select Board Meetings

1. March 12th – Regular Meeting

2. March 26th – Regular Meeting

            B.   Finance Advisory Committee Meeting March 5th  6:30 p.m.

            C.  Cable/Internet Advisory Committee Meeting February 28th 6:30 p.m.

            D.  Planning Board Meeting, Public Hearing on Land Use Ordinance Amendments February 28th 7:00 p.m.

            E.   Comprehensive Planning Committee Meeting March 5th 6:30 p.m.

            F.   250th Anniversary Committee Meeting March 6th 7:00 p.m.

9.         Comments from Select Board Members


            Board member Turgeon stated that the senior center has had at least four attend each week. She cancelled this week because of the impending weather. Sheriff Merry is scheduled to attend the March 28th senior luncheon and discuss senior safety. Bridge classes for beginners and a refresher for current players is scheduled to begin in April. A senior exercise program will also be starting in April with a certified “Senior Sneakers” instructor.


            Board member Gallant stated that BCDI will be meeting Thursday to review two more applications for loans.


10.       Comments from the Public


            George Christopher stated that now that the Solid Waste Advisory Committee has five members, the Committee needs a charge from the Select Board. Chair Hobart stated that the Board already has a task for the Committee that was discussed when the Committee was re-formed.  The Manager stated that he would be contacting members of the Committee to schedule an initial meeting. 


11.       Adjourn


            The meeting adjourned by acclamation at 6:04 p.m.



                                    Select Board                                                                                                   

                                    Town of Bowdoinham, Maine   Brian Hobart, Chair




                                                                                                M. Theresa Turgeon, Vice-Chair




                                                                                                Kathleen Gallant



Respectfully Submitted,                                                             Absent                                    

                                                                                                Kathy Tome




William S. Post, Town Manager                                                Douglas Tourtelotte