11-26-2013 Select Board Meeting Minutes


Town of Bowdoinham

Select Board Meeting

November 26, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.



1.         Call the Meeting to Order & Establish a Quorum


The meeting was called to order and quorum established by Chairman Hobart at 5:30 p.m.  Select Board members Brian Hobart, M. Theresa Turgeon and Wendy Cunningham were present.  Kathy Gallant and Doug Tourtelotte were absent.  Staff present included Town Manager William Post and Planning and Development Director Nicole Briand.  Also present was Lori Rice representing Northeast Mobile Health Services, Steve Bunn of the Community Development Advisory Committee and Paul and Bryanna Denis of Jenkins Road.


2.         Public Hearing to receive public comments on the Revised General Assistance Ordinance dated September 2013 and Appendix B concerning updated food maximums.


Chair Hobart opened the public hearing at 5:30 p.m. The Town Manager explained that the model General Assistance Ordinance was updated by the Department of Health and Human Services with all of the law changes from the last legislative session. In addition, the food maximum amounts were updated to take into consideration the end of the American Recovery Act.


There were no public comments. Chair Hobart closed the hearing at 5:32 p.m.


On motion of Cunningham/Turgeon, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the Revised General Assistance Ordinance dated September 2013 and Appendix B.


3.         Amendments to the Agenda – None


4.         Approve Consent Calendar

  1. Meeting Minutes of November 12, 2013 – Tabled because the appropriate quorum was not present
  2. Warrants & Financial Reports:
    1. Treasurer’s Warrant #31 for $58,779.20


On motion of Turgeon/Hobart, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve Treasurer’s Warrant #31 as presented.


5.         Discussion Items

            A.  Meet with Lori Rice, Northeast Mobile Health Services, re: Quarterly Report


The Town Manager introduced Lori Rice and stated that she asked to attend the Board meeting to present a quarterly report on the services and response times provided by Northeast ambulance to Bowdoinham.  The report was included in the Board member’s materials.


Ms. Rice briefly reviewed the report that included average response times, number of incidents and comparisons to previous quarters. She asked the Board if there was any other information they would like to see included in the report.


Board member Turgeon remarked on the three minute response time as a short time. Ms. Rice stated that the Maine Emergency Medical Services requires an average response time under 20 minutes as a protocol. Sometimes responses are faster than others based on where the caller is located in town compared to where the ambulance is located.


Chair Hobart asked what coverage is provided by Northeast. Ms. Rice stated that Bowdoinham is served by a paramedic equipped ambulance located in Dresden and a fly car equipped with a paramedic located in Richmond. In addition, there are two ambulances stationed in Topsham.


Turgeon asked for the definition of a fly car. Ms. Rice explained that a fly car is a vehicle that is equipped with all of the same equipment in an ambulance except a stretcher. This vehicle is used by a paramedic to respond to a call and may arrive quicker than an ambulance, depending on where the call is and where the ambulance is.


Turgeon asked how about the relationship between Bowdoinham EMS and Northeast. Ms. Rice stated that the two work well together and train together as well.


Turgeon stated that a glossary of EMS terms would help the Board members understand the terminology. 


  1. Meet with Paul Denis, re: Jenkins Road


The Manager stated that as the Board discussed at their last meeting, and other earlier meetings, Mr. Denis is interested in the Town relinquishing the public easement for the discontinued       Jenkins Road. The Board previously advised Mr. Denis, through the manager, that if he could have all property owners on Jenkins Road agree to have the Town relinquish the public easement, then the Board would consider moving it to a town meeting vote. Mr. Denis has obtained five signatures out of the seven property owners on the road.


Mr. Denis stated that he contacted the stakeholders on the road, including property owners and the snowmobile club about the public easement being relinquished. The two that did not sign the letter to the Board granting support for removing the public easement have access to their properties off Post Road. He has heard second-hand information that one of these owners wants the road open to horses and walking.


Mr. Denis stated that in the past year, he and a neighbor have spent about $9,000 to make the road passable. He would like the public easement relinquished to protect his investment because the road gets torn up by vehicles, mostly ATVs and off-road four wheel drive vehicles.   


Chair Hobart asked the Manager if a public easement allows motor vehicle access or not. The Manager stated that he believes that it does, but would need to check.  


Hobart stated that the Board does not make the final decision on extinguishing a public easement; the issue would need to be voted on at a town meeting. He asked the Manager what the next steps are.


The Manager stated that the Board would need to decide whether or not to pursue removing the public easement. If so, then the issue would be scheduled for a town meeting vote.


Hobart stated that he would like the full Board to be present to discuss and make a decision, not just three of the members. He stated that there is the risk that it does not gain approval at town meeting.


Mr. Denis stated that another option to consider is abandonment. This is another part of the state laws concerning discontinued public roads and would not require a town meeting vote.


The Manager stated that the issue needs more research to determine the appropriate action. He asked Mr. Denis to provide copies of his research and material for his information.


  1. Discuss Development of a Signage Master Plan


Planning and Development Director Nicole Briand stated that the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) has been discussing signage in town for various businesses, organizations and locations. CDAC is currently working on the TIF project for the CMP power lines, and the signage would be their next project. She prepared a request for proposals to seek a consultant to work with CDAC to develop a master plan for signage. This would allow a similar theme to be developed for the signs and a plan for placement of signs throughout town to direct visitors or those new to the area. 


Board member Cunningham asked what cost is expected for a consultant and to whom will the request for proposals be sent. Briand stated that she estimates the creation of a master plan would cost $5,000. A list of consultants and planners has been created that will receive the request for proposals as other towns have undertaken this task.


Board member Turgeon asked if a business owner would need to pay for a sign. Business owner and CDAC member Steve Bunn stated that he has to pay for an MDOT business directional sign now. He would like a nice sign that lists as many local businesses as possible, but he also wants the signs to be tasteful.


            D.  Discuss Restroom/Wastewater Facilities Study for Mailly Waterfront Park


The Manager stated the he emailed the Board the presentation from the consultant the Town hired to develop recommendations for these facilities. It was also included in your material. There are essentially three options: small, medium and large, with the corresponding expenses. Nicole and he are looking for input from the Board because there were only two members of the public in attendance when this was presented, so there was not a great deal of feedback.

 Board member Turgeon stated that pumping stations for boats are available in other places, so a dumping station would be good. Briand stated that Jim McPherson believes a pump out facility is not needed.


Chair Hobart stated that a dumping station makes sense, and thinks the restroom facility should be permanent, not out-houses.


Steve Bunn stated that the current businesses in town do not have septic systems that are large enough to allow public use of the restrooms. If the goal is to have more people come to town for activities and to create more businesses, decent facilities are needed for the public.


The Board reviewed the different options and price levels. By consensus, the Board supported the consultants designing a permanent facility with a dumping station for boats in the price range of $75,000 to $100,000.


6.         Action Items


  1. Act on Town of Bowdoinham Newsletter Policy as Amended


The Manager stated that the Town has had requests for subscriptions of the newsletter from some residents in town to be mailed to non-residents.  The Newsletter Policy does not address this previously. Nicole Briand drafted an amendment to the policy to address this issue.  The amended policy calls for a fee of $15.00 per year for newsletters that are mailed to non-residents.


On motion of Turgeon/Cunningham, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the Newsletter Policy as Amended. 


            B.   Act on Request for Approval of Feldspar Lane as a Private Road Name


The Manager stated that Kenneth Dyer has requested the driveway that serves three residences off 365 Main Street be named “Feldspar Lane”. There are no objections from any department to this name.


            On motion of Hobart/Cunningham, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve Feldspar Lane as a Private Road Name.


7.         Town Manager’s Report


            The Manager stated that he had a meeting with representatives of the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) in regards to the truss bridge on Route 24 by the Public Works Facility. As a result of the bridge collapse a few years ago in Minnesota, MDOT has been inspecting every truss bridge in the state and placing weight limits if necessary. This bridge will be posted with a weight limit of 25 tons. This will affect excavating companies and other traffic. It will not affect school buses, but will affect the Town’s large dump/plow truck.  


            The Manager stated that the audit for fiscal year 2013, ending June 30, 2013, will be presented to the Board at the next meeting on December 10th. He handed out copies of the audit to the Board members.


            The Manager stated that the Energy Committee has decided to stop meeting until another project becomes of interest to them. The Committee most recently studied the possibility of natural gas for the town and determined that it is not feasible at this time.


8.         Select Board Member’s Request for Agenda Items for Next Meeting – None


9.         Announce Future Meetings and Events (Meetings at Coombs Building unless noted)

A.  Select Board Meetings

1. December 10th – Regular Meeting

2. January 14th – Regular Meeting

            B.   Town Office Closed for Holidays – November 28th, 29th, December 24th, 25th

            C.  Comprehensive Planning Committee Meeting, December 3rd 6:30 p.m.

            D.  Holiday Festival Starts with Tree Lighting December 6th 6:00 p.m.

            E.   Advisory Committee on Aging Meeting – December 13th 4:00 p.m.


10.       Comments from Select Board Members


Board member Turgeon stated that she was reminded again how good the Town’s Public Works Department is as there was a big difference in road conditions between Bowdoinham and Topsham during the last storm.  


Chair Hobart stated that he noticed the Public Works Department used the use plow on the sidewalk for snow removal and it seemed to do an excellent job.


11.       Comments from the Public – None


12.       Adjourn


            The meeting adjourned by acclamation at 6:36 p.m.



                                    Select Board                                                                                                   

                                    Town of Bowdoinham, Maine   Brian Hobart, Chair




                                                                                                M. Theresa Turgeon, Vice-Chair




                                                                                                Wendy Cunningham




                                                                                                Kathy Gallant




                                                                                                Douglas Tourtelotte



Respectfully Submitted,




                                                                                                William S. Post, Town Manager