2006-02-23 Planning Board Meeting Minutes



February 23, 2006      

Members Present:  McGee, Baum, Beltramini, Evans

Members Absent:   Whitney, Oakes, Tourtelotte

With Chair Whitney not in attendance, Vice Chair McGee will conduct this meeting. 

Item 1:        Call to Order

                  McGee called meeting to order at 7:00pm

                  Beltramini and Evans will be voting members.

Item 2:        Consideration of the January 26, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Additions under Johnson and Mahan

                  McGee motions to accept minutes with additions

                  Baum seconds

                  Motion Passes 4-0

Item 3:      Old Business

A.  David and Arden Brink

                  1014 River Road

Bowdoinham Tax Map R-11 Lot 14A

                  Pre – Application to create a five-lot subdivision

                  A full application will be submitted within the next month or two. 

                  The Brinks are not in attendance.          

Item 5:     New Business                  

A. James Read                            

                  23 Fisher Road P.O. Box 95

                  Bowdoinham Maine 04008

                  Residential & Agricultural Zoning

                  Application for Site Plan Review:Map U-6 Lot 7B

                  New Commercial Use: Mechanical Repair Garage & Auto Sales

Site plan review application

As of this date the $50 Site Plan Review Application Fee has not been paid.

Mr. Read previously owned the property behind this lot and sold it, along with the building and the business, to Brett Stillwell.  Mr. Read retained all of the tools, equipment and a piece of land that he has now built a garage on and would like to use for selling used cars.  This garage is also used by his grandson to park a wrecker, on occasion.  The lot that was retained by Mr. Read was split from the lot he sold to Mr. Stillwell.  The lot that he retained is 1.4 acres.  The lot that was sold was zoned for commercial use and Mr. Read was under the impression that the lot he retained would also be zoned for commercial use.  He did not know that he needed to apply for any permits.  The garage does not contain a restroom or any such facilities, nor does it have running water.  Mr. Read also currently has several antique autos housed on the property along with various other vehicles that he is repairing with the intention to sell.  Mr. Read will be the only mechanic working on cars for repair. He intends to have an impound lot with a locked gate at the entrance. 

The Codes Enforcement Officer will check the plumbing code to see if it is legal to have a garage without plumbing.  Read has submitted paperwork to the state for a dealers license and currently the application is being held until the Planning Board makes a decision regarding change of use from a residential to a commercial use permit.

Mr. Read does not intend to have a junkyard. 

Planning Board would like to have a map of the proposed area that reflects where cars that are for sale are to be parked, where the impound area will be, any plantings/landscaping or fencing that will be done.  Cars may be required to be 75 feet from the center of the road. 

The Board would like to see the following items at the next meeting: 

  • Municipal tax map with lot numbers and names of abutting landowners;
  • Perimeter survey of the parcel done by a registered land surveyor and certified, including reference points, graphic scale, total acreage, corners of parcel and date of survey.  Areas within 200 feet of the proposed development site shall be included;
  • Existing and proposed locations and dimensions of any utility, sewer, or water lines, easements, drainage ways, and public or private rights-of-way;
  • Location, ground floor area of buildings and other structures on parcels abutting the site;
  • If the site is not to be served by a public sewer line, then an on-site soils investigation report by a Department of Human Services licensed site evaluator shall be provided.  The report shall contain the types of soil, location of test pits, and proposed location and design of the best practical subsurface disposal system for the site;
  • Landscape plan showing location, type and approximate size of plantings and location and dimensions of all fencing and screening;
  • Certified copies of letters to all abutting landowners notifying them of the proposed plan;
  • A description of the proposed uses to be located on the site.
  • Total floor area and ground coverage of each proposed building and structure and percentage of lot covered by each building or structure;
  • Method of solid waste disposal;
  • Erosion and sediment control plan;
  • The applicant’s evaluation of the availability and suitability of off-site public facilities, including water, sewer and streets;
  • A statement from the Fire Chief as to the availability of fire hydrants and/or fire ponds, or provisions for fire protection services;
  • If public water and/or sewer are to be used, a statement from the water and/or sewer district or utility as to the availability of public water and/or sewer lines;
  • An estimate of the date when construction will start and when the development will be completed.

The Codes Enforcement Officer will obtain and copy for the board the deed to this parcel of land and he will also contact the State to see if Mr. Read will need to install restroom facilities and have running water in the garage.  The Codes Enforcement Officer will set up a time to complete this application with Mr. Read. 

Mr. Read will be away for the next meeting, buthis grandson will attend the meeting for him. 

Baum motions that the application is not complete.

Seconded by Evans

Motion passes 4-0

9 copies of the completed application are requested for the next meeting on March, 23, 2006. 

Item 6:              Other Business

Randall Hyde

Randall Hyde is here to revise his plan for splitting his lot that is part of a subdivision.  He would like to amend his previous application that was taken up by the board originally in June of 2005.  Originally he wanted to divide his lot into 3 parcels and now would like to make 2 lots.  

Surveyor pins have been placed; letters sent certified mail and copies of the deed presented. 

The Planning Board will check with the Town’s Attorney to see if Mr. Hyde needs to submit a new application or if the application on file can be amended to reflect the new changes.   Upon the attorney’s advice the file will be updated to contain the full application that will be reviewed

This will be on next month’s agenda.  CEO will mail Mr. Hyde an agenda for the March Meeting. 

Ordinance Discussion

With Bill Giroux, the Town Manager, leaving his position there is concern about the ordinance revision project getting stalled.  It is suggested that Kay Evans and other members of the board meet with Bill and the Interim Town Manager before Bill leaves to get an update and make plans to keep the process moving forward. 

Item 7:              Motion to adjourn     

Adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Next meeting will be on March 23, 2006 at 7:00 pm.