2006-03-23 Planning Board Meeting Minutes



March 23, 2006          

Members Present:  Whitney, Oakes, Evans, Beltramini

Members Absent:   Baum, Tourtelotte, McGee 

Item 1:              Call to Order

                        Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Item 2:              Consideration of the February 23, 2006 Meeting Minutes

                        Due to lack of members at last meeting minutes will be reviewed at April meeting.

Item 3:       Old Business

A.  David and Arden Brink

                                    1014 River Road

Bowdoinham Tax Map R-11 Lot 14A

                                     *A full application will be submitted by the next month. 

                                     B. James Read                                 

                                     23 Fisher Road P.O. Box 95

                                     Bowdoinham Maine 04008

                                     Residential & Agricultural Zoning

                                     Application for Site Plan Review:Map U-6 Lot 7B

                                     NewCommercial Use: Mechanical Repair Garage & Auto Sales

                                     Mr. Read is on vacation this week. 

CEO has given Mr. Read’s Grandson the list of needed information

*Septic System and Bathrooms are required.

Mr. Read’s grandson, Jason Belanger, is here to represent Mr. Read.  It is explained to Mr. Belanger that the Code Enforcement Officer can not issue a commercial use permit only the Planning Board can issue one.  The existing permit was for a residential garage.  Mr. Belanger is requesting a written list of what he needs to bring to the next meeting so that he can move forward with his proposal.  The Planning Board and Code Enforcement Officer refer Mr. Belanger to the list given to his grandfather at the last meeting and briefly go over each requirement. Mr. Belanger will work with the Code Enforcement Officer over the next month to get the required.  Mr. Belanger states that the used car lot will be mowed grass and that meets the State requirements.  He also needs to know about the sign ordinance and what the restrictions on the sign will be.  He proposes having a sign on the building that will be lit from above.  He is advised of the sign ordinance by the Planning Board. 

                                    C. Randall Hyde

                                    259 Post Road

                                    Map R2 Lot 29

                                    Subdivision amendment

 Mr. Hyde is here to continue his request to divide his lot that is currently part of a subdivision.  The board reviewed the requests made by Mr. Hyde last fall to identify that all provisions had been accommodated.  Being satisfied that all requests have been met the board agrees to vote on the application. 

Whit moves to accept Mr. Hyde’s application as amended on Feb 22, 2006

Seconded by Evans

Vote 4-0

The Mylar is signed by Whitney and Oakes. The Code Enforcement Officer requests a copy of the

corner of the Mylar after it is taken to Sagadahoc Registry of Deeds.                   

Item 4:   New Business             

                                     A.  Clinton Smith

                                     54 Brown’s Point Road

                                     Map R7 lot 1D

                                     Application for approval to place over 100 cubic yards of fill on his property.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith are here to request approval for placement of over 100 cubic yards of fill on his property.  Mr. Smith has spoken to Kevin Prout about getting fill brought in from the Public Works Department to fill in a gully.  Goal is to expand his yard.  Mr. Smith presented 3 options for fill and culvert.  He prefers to use PVC culvert either attached to the existing culvert or he can split the one that is now there.  He would fill to the level of the existing culvert and then attach the new culvert.  Mr. Smith states that there is not a real flow of water through the culvert, only a steady trickle and standing water at times. 

Whitney would like to have the plans shown to Kevin Prout the Public Works Director and the Road Commissioner before moving forward.  Having a letter presented to the board at the next meeting with all recommendations and requirements outlined.  Materials required and so forth. 

Letters should be sent to the neighbors on the upside of the property and the property owner across the street.  Letters should be sent by Certified Mail and be addressed to the Planning Board and any objections should be received by the next PB meeting or any objections can be heard at the next Planning Board meeting.

This project may be drawn out over time as a lot of fill will be needed and may take time to acquire.  The CEO will work with Mr. Smith and Kevin Prout to devise a plan to be presented at the next meeting.  CEO will also inspect the site and bring the DEP in to verify that there will not be any ongoing issues.                    

                                    B.  Town of Bowdoinham, Recreation Department

                                    2 River Road

                                    Map U1 Lot 1

                                    Pre-Application to create a new Skateboard / BMX Bike Park.

The Town of Bowdoinham is planning to construct a Skateboard / BMX Bike near the Public Works Department on the River Road.  Doug Marble, the Bowdoinham Code Enforcement Officer, will be representing the town for this meeting.  The Planning Board does not feel that this is a structure as defined in the Land Use Ordinance. The Planning Board determined that the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance applies to this matter. 

The Planning Board is concerned about parking, currently the parking is at the yellow building which is also owned by the town.  Oakes is concerned that if the yellow building becomes occupied in the future that parking may become an issue. 

As the plan is presented, plantings will be on two sides of the platform.  The Planning Board suggests that the Town remain open to the possibility of additional plantings in the future.  If a sign is going to made and put up it needs to be in compliance with the sign ordinance. 

The Planning Board is concerned about rest rooms.  The rest rooms at the Waterfront Park will be available when rebuilt.

A corner of the proposed pad is in the floodplain.  Code Enforcement Officer spoke with State of Maine Emergency management agency director, Louis Sidell, about the floodplain, FEMA requires that all structures on the concrete pad be built to withstand a flood.  No special permits are required at a State level, a floodplain permit will be issued by Code Enforcement Officer as per the Floodplain Ordinance. 

Conditions:       1. Construction will conform to erosion control and a silt fence will be put in.

                        2. No roads will be built.                     

A public hearing will be scheduled for the next meeting and at that time the planning board will take into consideration the application.  The Public Works department will be asked to provide a letter as to traffic flow, and recommendations.   Notices will be sent to all abutting landowners.  

Item 5:              Other Business

Ordinance revision update:  Kay Evans has spoken with several potential candidates for the ordinance revision project.  She has identified 4 candidates that she feels should be interviewed by all interested Planning Board members.  Also suggested is a meeting to establish what will be discussed at the interviews.

Scheduled Meetings:

April   3, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. - work session

April 10, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. - 3 interviews

April 24, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. - interview 

Item 6:              Motion to adjourn     

Chair Whitney motioned to adjourn the meeting

Evans Seconded

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm

Next regular Planning Board meeting on April 27, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.