2006-08-10 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Town of Bowdoinham

Planning Board Minutes

August 10, 2006

6:00 pm

Members Present: Whitney, Baum, Oakes

Members Absent:  Evans, Beltramini, McGee

Brent Zachau is also in attendance

Item 1:  Call to Order

            Meeting called to order 6:00 pm. 

Item 2:  Administrative Issues

Item 3:  Determine Overall Format of the Revised Ordinances

Proposed is a system with 4 articles:

            Article I   - Land Use Regulations including residential growth

            Article II  - Federal and State mandated floodplain management

            Article III - Subdivision

            Article IV - Site Plan Review - non residential development

Item 4:  Identified Needed/Desired Changes and Additions to the Ordinances

Discussion includes adding a site plan inventory to the Subdivision Ordinance, access roads, open space developments, smaller lot sizes in consideration of open spaces being left undeveloped.  Also discussed is the consideration of fees.

Item 5:  Establish Priorities for Revisions/Work Plan for the Process

Site Plan Review, the Subdivision Ordinance, the Land Use / Shoreland Zoning Ordinance, and the development of a possible Highway District.

Item 6:  Review Possible Approaches for Managing the Pattern of Development

Item 7:  Future Meeting Dates

The next meeting will be September 14, 2006 at which time meeting dates for the rest of the year will be discussed. 

Item 8:  Adjourn Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm