2006-09-28 Planning Board Meeting Minutes



SEPTEMBER 28, 2006

Present: Whitney, Baum, Beltramini, Zachau

Absent:  McGee, Oakes, Evans

Item 1:              Call to Regular Planning Board Meeting to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Item 2:              Elect a Secretary

                        Chair Whitney Moves this item to the end of the Meeting

  • 9:45 pm Chair Nominates Ellen Baum as Secretary

Seconded by Beltramini, all in favor              

Item 3:              Consideration of the August 24, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Chair Whitney Motion’s to accept minutes

Seconded by Baum

                        Consideration of the August 10, 2006 Ordinance Workshop Minutes

Motion to accept minutes with changes

Seconded by Baum

Item 4:              Old Business

                   A.  Douglas Tourtelotte

                        190 Millay Road/ Tax Map R-02 Lot 46

                        Land Use Regulations & Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

                        Reclaim 5 acre field

                        *Cancelled by Douglas Tourtelotte

                        A. James Read                                  

                        23 Fisher Road P.O. Box 95/ Tax Map U-6 Lot 7B

                        Residential & Agricultural Zoning

                        Application for Site Plan Review:

                        New Commercial Use: Mechanical Repair Garage & Auto Sales  

            Chair Whitneygoes through the February list of items needed.

            Septic Plan has been drawn up and Mr. Read is going to obtain it tonight.

            Mr. Read leaves the room.

            Board moves to item, 5A until Mr. Read gets back.

            Board comes back to this item at 8:10

            Letter from site evaluator is in, and he is requesting a septic holding tank.

            The question comes up that a survey is needed to complete this application.

Mr. Belanger explains that he should not have to provide a survey for this property to get the commercial permit.

            Board discusses that they require survey maps for each new Site Plan Review application.

Chair proposes to get a survey by next meeting.  OR have Mr. Read and CEO work together with the deed to make a scaled drawing and place the garage on the parcel of land and include dimensions to all property lines. 

The Site evaluator needs to write up a narrative letter that there is no practical alternative for septic disposal but a holding tank.

There is no planned excavation on the parcel to achieve a commercial business. No erosion control needed.  If in the future the applicant needs to complete any earth work the applicant must get the proper permits.

            Chair asks if the board needs a complete application to set a public hearing date.

Chair states that if a survey exists the board will hold a public hearing at the next months regular meeting.  If there is no survey the board will want to see the drawn up plan and will decide if it is sufficient at the next meeting.

Chair makes a motion to accept the application complete with the conditions that that if a survey exists the board will hold a public hearing at the next months regular meeting.  If there is no survey the board will want to see the drawn up plan and will decide if it is sufficient at the next meeting.  The certified letters to all abutters will be mailed by the Town.

Item 5:             New Business

  1. Richard Hornbeck

17 Hornbeck Cross Road/ Tax Map R-04 Lot 43

Land Use Regulations & Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Adding over 100 cubic yards of fill

Chair Whitney goes over the application submissions,

Chair Whitney asks what is below the fill area,

Hornbeck explains a pond is in the rear of the location, but the fill will not extend within 75 feet of the pond.

Chair Whitney requests that the CEO perform a site visit and ensure the measurements from the pond are greater than 75 feet.

Chair Whitney requests CEO and Hornbeck need to create a sedimentation control plan.

The erosion control needs to be in place at all times.

One condition that the CEO not issue a building permit for the Structure, until the erosion control is at a satisfactory condition with no erosion occurring.

Baum asks is this a commercial operation?

Hornbeck replies that he has a commercial pilot’s license, and a commercial plane but does not hire out as a plane service and does not take money from friends that get plane rides.

Chair makes a motion that the application is complete.

Seconded by Baum all in favor.

Conditions: Erosion control plan drawn up.

            Site inspection by CEO to ensure setbacks,

            No permit for a structure until the fill is vegetated.

B. Verizon Wireless - Applicant

Daniel and Cathy McKenna - Property Owner

Verrill Dana, LLP - Agent Presenting Application

88 Pond Road/ Tax Map R-02 Lot 63

Site Plan Review

Build a shed and band of antennas

Chair asks if this is for the existing cell tower?

Mr. Anderson  explains that yes and asks the board to review the plans on the foldout page C1, C2, and C3.

Chair asks why is the application coming to the PB for a permit.

CEO explains that a new commercial building is proposed and must have the Planning Boards approval before a building permit can be issued.

Chair asks if the approved tower permit is with the CEO?

CEO replies yes.

Chair reads the approved tower permit.  Reports on the radiation produced from the tower from the radio frequency.

Mr. Anderson states that he can get a report from his company Verizon.

Chair reads a list of other requirements.

Tower needs to be structurally sound as looked at by a professional engineer.

Key to get into the chain fence is needed for the Town.

Noise generated from site?

Anderson states that his building will have a generator for power outage, it is inside the building and is not heard outside the building.  That is the only noise making devise.

Statement from the fire chief, none has been obtained.

Chair makes a motion to accept the application as complete providing the letter from the fire chief is obtained and the structural integrity of the tower #4 of permit, and frequency meeting the FCC rules #3.

Zachu seconded.  All approve.

Beltramini asks what is in the shed?

Anderson explains that a diesel generator, and the electrical devices that create the signal.

Anderson asks if the board needs a public hearing.

Chair would like a report on the output of the frequency to ensure that the tower is in compliance with the FCC rules.

The board feels that the Town needs to get a report from tower owner (Mesa) on the structure and the frequency report.

Anderson will get a structural report for the Town he knows his company has performed one.

C.  Kevin O’Farrell and Wendy Gray

                        849 Post Road / Tax Map R03-44-F

                        Land Use Regulations & Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Timber Harvesting

                        Site Plan Review

                        Chair asks how this came to be?  Why did the lot get cleared.

CEO explains that the permit was issued for a residential barn. And the timber harvesting was overlooked on my part, until I visited the site during the winter of 2005 and saw what had been cut.  A newspaper article came out this spring, promoting the barn as a training and boarding barn .

Chair looks over the timber harvesting rules.

Chair motions to approve the cutting of the trees providing that in the spring the CEO inspect the site to be sure all areas are vegetated.

                        Zachu seconds.

                         Board moves into the site plan review permit.

                        Need copy of tax map, with abutting landowners.

                        Survey plan. Applicants do not have a survey.  Only a legal description has been created.

                        Question on if this is a Home Occupation?  Board says; no it is not a Home Occupation.

Chair goes through the site plan checklist.

1. Owners need to send out letters to abutters notifying them of the development and a letter from the fire chief.

2. Manure is sent to Country Fare and they produce loam with it.

 Vehicular access and parking, emergency vehicle access needs to be addressed.

Things needed,

1 copy of the tax map and lot supplied by the Town to the Planning Board.

Fire Chief letter.

Certified letters to abutters

Copy of the deed.

Verify the Barn is not built on some other persons property by the CEO.

Planning Board understands that this is an operating business.

Chair makes motion to make application complete

Baum Seconds

No one approves.

                        D.  Doug Johnson

                        Question regarding lot numbering in a possible subdivision.

                        Board reviews the documents supplied by Doug Johnson.

                        Board decides to consult with Roger Theirriault. About this.

Item 6:              Other Business

  1. Review of the Shoreland Zoning Map

*This was never done

Item 7:              Adjourn Meeting

                        Adjourn at 9:56pm