2009-05-28 Planning Board Meeting Minutes



May 28, 2009

Item 1:              Call Regular Planning Board meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Members Present: Ellen Baum, Paul Beltramini, Billie Oakes, Todd Woofenden, Brent Zachau

Alternate Members Present: Paul Baines, Bill Shippen

Others Present:  Nicole Briand, Kathy Gallant, Scott Gallant, Don Oakes, George Christopher

Item 2:              Consideration of the April 23, 2008 Meeting Minutes

                        Zachau moved to accept minutes as revised.  Oakes seconded and all voted in favor.

Item 3:New Business

Site Plan Review – Tier II Application – Gallant

15 School St– Tax Map U01, Lot 017

The application is for the creation of a new business.

Applicant – Kathy & Scott Gallant gave a brief description of the proposed project, a yarn retail store to be located in the accessory building.

The Board reviewed the application for completeness. 

The Board waived the following submission requirements:

  • Zachau made a motion to waive the submission requirement for the ground floor elevation of the existing buildings on site.  Beltramini seconded and all voted in favor.
  • Zachau made a motion to waive the submission requirement for stormwater calculation and water quality and/or phosphorous export management provisions, because the project does not involve any new development.
  • Oakes made a motion that section 3(h) was not applicable the property is already developed.  Baum seconded and all voted in favor.

The Board requested the following information to be submitted:

  • The location of the building setbacks.
  • Letter from applicant regarding their financial capacity to carry out the project.
  • Bearings and length of all property lines to be added to the plan.
  • Grade line to be shown on elevation drawing.
  • Estimate of peak hour and daily traffic to be generated.
  • An approval block needs to be on the site plan.

Baum stated that the Board would re-review the application for completeness at the June meeting and if it was determined to be complete then the Board would hold a public hearing.

Land Use Application – Earthmoving over 100 cu yd – Oakes

White Road– Tax Map R05, Lot 017

The application is over 100 cu yd of earthmoving.

Oakes recused herself from the Board.  Baum appointed Shippen a voting member.

Mr. Oakes gave a description of the overall project, which would include the construction of two stream crossings, a crossing over a drainage ditch, an elevated gravel pad and an all-weather farm road.  NRCS is currently working on the design of the crossings.  They are going to attempt to obtain fill from the Harwards Bridge Crossing project, the amount of fill they are able to obtain will dictate how much of the overall project they will be able to complete.

Shippen asked what is in the fill.  Oakes stated that they were not sure yet, but NRCS was going to be testing the material.

Shippen asked where the fill would be stockpiled on-site.  Oakes stated they are not sure yet.  Shippen requested that the stockpile area be added to the site plan.

Shippen asked for a copy of the survey plan that is referenced in the property deed.

Baum discussed process.  Board will schedule a public hearing for June meeting.  Woofenden made a motion to find the application complete pending the following information:

  • Location of stockpile to be shown on the site plan.
  • NRCS designs of crossings.
  • Results of tests on the fill material.
  • Copy of the survey plan that the deed references.

Shippen seconded and all voted in favor.

Item 4:              Other Business

George Christopher stated that he would also like to do a fill project and wanted to know what he would need in order to obtain approval at the Board’s June meeting.  Baum stated that the application would have to be found complete so that a public hearing could be held. 

Item 5:              Adjourn Meeting