2009-12-17 Planning Board Meeting Minutes



December 17, 2009 - Approved

Item 1:              Call Regular Planning Board meeting to order at 7:04pm.

Members present: Ellen Baum, Billie Oakes, Bradley Meads, Paul Beltramini

Other Present: Nicole Briand- Town Planner

Item 2:              Consideration of Meeting November 19, 2009 Minutes

Oakes made a motion to approve the minutes as amended.  Beltramini seconded and all voted in favor.

Item 4:New Business

Item 5:              Other Business

  1. Sign Approval Letter for Findley – The Board signed the approval letter. 
  2. Planning Board Application Form – The Board reviewed a new application form.  Briand will make changes for the Board’s review in January.
  3. Annual Ordinance Review – The Board reviewed the marked changes and agreed to make them:
    1. Article 2- Definition for New England Vernacular
    2. Article 7, Secton D.17.c – replace 100 feet with 75 feet
    3. Article 10, Section D, second sentence in second paragraph – Such request must should be made at the time….
    4. Article 10, Section D.8.b, last sentence – ….shall may require additional landscaping….

Board discussed the Conditions of Approval for Subdivisions.  Briand will discuss these conditions with the attorney.  The Board will review the Ordinance for additional changes to be made at June’s Town Meeting.

Item 6:              Adjourn Meeting at 8:35 pm.