JANUARY 6, 2010

 Members present: Tade Mahoney, Chris Jackson, Dave Reinheimer, Elaine Diaz, Howard Solomon

Staff present: David Berry, Nicole Briand

Members of the public present: George Christopher

Recorder: Howard Solomon


Nicole Briand called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m. Tade Mahoney was elected Chair, and Dale Mosher Vice-Chair. Rather than elect a Secretary, the committee agreed to rotate the functions of that office among the membership. Howard Solomon agreed to act as recorder for this meeting, Elaine Diaz for the February meeting: Tade will appoint recorders for each subsequent meeting. Recorders should get the minutes to Nicole by the following day.


The committee approved the agenda for the meeting, as well as the minutes of the December 8 and December 19, 2009 meetings, as amended.  The amended minutes will be posted and circulated.


The committee discussed drafts of the proposed survey submitted by Nicole (which reflected input from members) and by Tade.  Much of the conversation revolved around the larger question of its purpose (e.g., what do we want it to do for us: is its primary function to evaluate the current program or to raise awareness?) and the value of its information (e.g., who, and how many, will return it?).

There was agreement to not spend excess money on its production or circulation; to encourage return by email, dropping off at the recycling barn and town hall, snail mail, etc.; to establish an April 1 deadline for return.

Following close examination of the two drafts, Chris agreed to help Nicole integrate the two, as discussed, and send a draft of the survey to the committee for feedback in time for inclusion in the February town newsletter.


At Tade’s suggestion, the committee agreed to do a close examination of the town ordinance and the 2008 Committee Report at the February 3rd meeting, and only then proceed to establishing a work plan.

 The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.