2010-01-28 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

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February 4, 2010 (Postponed from January 28, 2010 Meeting)

Item 1:              Call Regular Planning Board meeting to order at 7:00 pm

Members present: Paul Baines, Brent Zachau, Bill Shippen, Billie Oakes, Bradley Meads,          and Paul Beltramini

Other Present: Nicole Briand- Town Planner, Pat Harty, and Craig Schreck

Beltramini to act as Chair and Baines to be a voting member.

Item 2:              Consideration of December 17th Meeting Minutes

                        Oakes made a motion to approve the minutes. Zachau seconded and all voted in favor.

Item 3:New Business

Subdivision Application – Wildwood Reality Trust

52 Teal Lane(Tax Map R09, Lot 015-006)

The application is to amend the existing subdivision plat to create three lots.

Craig Schreck and Pat Harty were present.  Mr. Schreck is representing Wildwood Realty Trust.

Wildwood Realty Trust owns one lot (R09-015-006) with contains 2 houses.  Mr. Schreck is requesting to create a lot for each house and one to be developed, as shown on the plan.

The Board looked at a copy of the original subdivision plan.  Nine lots were in original subdivision.  This proposal would only create one new dwelling. 

The project would not involve any additional road work and the water and power service are there.

The Board reviewed the ordinance the submission checklist.  Mr. Schreck asked if the Board could give guidance as to what items he needed to submit.  The Board agreed that he (the applicant) needed to submit the information stated in the ordinance or ask for a waiver of that submission requirement and the Board couldn’t make a decision without the information being submitted or a waiver request.

The Board discussed the process with Mr. Schreck. 

  • The Board discussed the need for a site walk and agreed that is was not necessary. 
  • The Board will review the application for completeness at the next Planning Board meeting if the information is submitted.
  • The Board will schedule a public hearing  once the application is found complete.

Item 4:              Other Business

  1. Application Review

                                    The Board discussed the new application.  Baines made a motion to accept new                                                application, Zachau seconded and all voted in favor.

  1. Annual Ordinance Review
    1. Proposed Changes

Board discussed new proposed changes. 

Article 9:  Subdivision 

A)        Purpose.

B)        Administrative Procedures 

1)         Review & Approval Authority.

2)         Classification of Projects

  1. The Town Planner shall classify each proposed project as:
    1. Minor projects shall be include the following projects:
    2. Any subdivision containing five or fewer lots or dwelling units.
    3. An amendment to an approved subdivision that will result in the creation of a total of five or less lots to the entire subdivision.
    4. Major projects shall be include the following projects:
    5. Any subdivision containing six or more lots or dwelling units.
    6. An amendment to an approved subdivision that will result in the creation of a total of six or more lots in the entire subdivision.
    7. Subdivision Amendment. An application to revise an existing subdivision. without creating an additional lot or dwelling unit
  2. Fees.
  3. Application Fee.
    1. An application for subdivision must be accompanied by an application fee, plus all mailing and advertising costs for the processing of the application.  The fee shall be non-refundable.  This application fee shall be paid to the municipality.  The application fees shall be as follows:
    2. Site Inventory and Analysis - $100.00
    3. Preliminary Plan - $150.00 per lot or dwelling unit.
    4. Final Plan - $150.00 per lot or dwelling unit
    5. Amendment – $150.00
    6. If the revision involves only modifications of the approved plan, without the creation of additional lots or dwelling units - $150.00
    7. If the revision involves the creation of additional lots or dwelling units - $150.00 per lot or dwelling unit.

C)        Application Review Procedures 

1)         Pre-Application Procedures (Minor & Major Subdivisions)

2)         Preliminary Plan.

3)         Final Plan.

                                          4)         Subdivision Amendment. 

  1. An applicant for a revision to a previously approved plan shall, at least ten days prior to a scheduled meeting of the Board, request to be placed on the Board's agenda.
  2. If the revision involves the creation of additional lots or dwelling units, the procedures for preliminary plan approval shall be followed.
  3. If the revision involves only modifications of the approved plan, without the creation of additional lots or dwelling units, the procedures for final plan approval shall be followed.
  4. The Board's scope of review shall be limited to those portions of the plan which are proposed to be changed.

D)        Application Submission Requirements 

1)         Site Inventory & Analysis.

2)         Preliminary Plan.

3)      Final Plan. 

  1. The final plan shall consist of one or more maps or drawings drawn to a scale of not more than one hundred feet to the inch. Eleven (11) copies of the plan shall be submitted.  In addition, one copy of the final plan, reduced to a size of 11 by 17 inches, and all accompanying information shall be distributed by the Town Planner to each Board member no less than ten days prior to the meeting.
  2. The final plan shall include or be accompanied by all of the Application, Location Map, Preliminary Plan, and Supporting Document Requirements, updated and changes summarized where appropriate.
  3. The following notes as appropriate shall appear on the recorded plan:
  4.  “The developer of the subdivision does not intend to offer the street(s) shown on this plan for acceptance by the Town Meeting as a public street(s).”
  5.   “The Town of Bowdoinham shall not be responsible for the maintenance, repair, plowing, or similar services for the private road(s) shown on this plan.”
  6.  “Any private road shown on this plan shall not be accepted as a public street by the Town of Bowdoinham unless approved at a duly called Town Meeting.” 
  7. Conditions of Approval. The following notes shall appear on the recording plat of every plan:
  8. “The property shown on this plan may be developed and used only as depicted on this approved plan.  All elements and features of the plan and all representations made by the applicant concerning the development and use of the property which appear in the record of the Planning Board approval are conditions of approval. No change from the conditions of approval is permitted unless an amended plan is submitted and approved under the provisions of this Ordinance governing revisions to approved plans.”
  9. “No changes, erasures, modifications, or revisions shall be made in this final plan after approval has been given by the Board and endorsed in writing on the plan, unless the revised final plan is first submitted and the Board approves any modifications.”
  10. “Failure to complete substantial construction of this subdivision within five years of the date of approval and signing of the plan shall render this plan null and void.”  (This language is in Section V.E below, but should be added here as well.)
  11. “The applicant/developer must provide the Town with a signed and sealed letter from a professional engineer, which states that the subdivision road has been constructed to the Town’s Street Design Standards and Street Construction Standards.  The Code Enforcement Officer shall not issue a building permit for a lot within the subdivision until this requirement is met.”
  12. “The applicant/developer must adhere to the following Articles of the Land Use Ordinance: Article 9.E – Final Approval & Filing, Article 9.H – General Provisions, and Article 9.J.1 – Inspections.”

Shippen made a motion to approve the changes, Baines seconded and all voted in favor.

  1. Schedule

The Board will review changes at their regular February Meeting then will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 11th at 7 pm.  The Board will finalize all proposed ordinance changes at their regularly scheduled March meeting and bring the proposed changes to the Selectboard in April.

Item 6:              Adjourn Meeting at 8:52pm

                        Baines made a motion to adjourn, Oakes seconded and all voted in favor.