Members Present: Tade Mahoney, David Reinheimer, Dale Mosher, and Elaine Diaz

 Members Absent: Chris Jackson and Howard Solomon

 Staff Present:  David Berry

Staff Absent:  Nicole Briand

 Minute taker:                   Elaine

 Minutes of January 6, 2010 Meeting were read and accepted.

 Old Business:       

 Tade reported that the survey was finished by Nicole and Chris and was sent out in the February Newsletter.

 New Business:

 Requests by Tade Mahoney, chair:

  1. Members should let Nicole know if they need paper copies of minutes, documents, etc, otherwise emails should be used to avoid waste.
  2. Emails: Anything relating to the committee should be sent to all members and both staff.
  3. Access to Selectboard: Should minutes and agendas go to them?  The committee voted yes.  They will be emailed.

 Review of current the ordinance, Solid Waste Management 1994-

 Much discussion and many questions raised:

  1. Should the ordinance be renamed Solid Waste/Recycling Ordinance?
  2. Since there were many suggested changes and these may change with further study it was decided, as George Christopher suggested, to compile them all and submit to the April Meeting of the Select Board.
  3. The following specific Ordinance items generated much discussion:

          2.0     Preference for an appointment to the committee shall be                       given to abutters of the Solid Waste Facilities.  We                        decided to refer to the Selectboard in April.

     3.0     Definitions- so much discussion ensued that David                     Berry and Dale Mosher were requested to review this and                    make recommendations.

     5.2     Acceptable Waste. Dale suggested that the State                             Ordinance would be a good model.

     6.1     Residential Disposal Permit. Currently not using this                            article- it needs to be deleted or reworded to be more                          flexible as the Town is not in compliance.

 There was much discussion of fees for commercial haulers.  Dale said low compared to other Towns and to dumpsters.  At this point we agreed that the Town residents “best interest” should be considered in approaching this and David Reinheimer said it may fit the character of Bowdoinham best to …. Inform rather than restrict.  Dave Berry mentioned several …. To increase recycling as their discussion … but “off topic” it was tackled for the later meeting.

 Review of the 07/08 Study Committee Report was deferred to next meeting, March 3rd.

 In closing, Tade summarized that our task is to find ways to manage and everyone Bowdoinham’s Solid Waste disposal while keeping cost and environmental factor in mind.  He also said that setting agendas and defining tasks/timeline should be the responsibility of the committee not the staff.  He also suggested members could take on tasks in smaller groups and report as Chris and Nicole did and Dave and Dale are.  Agenda for next meeting will include review of 07/08 Report and developing a task/timeline.  The committee decided to hold off on ordinance revision until later

 Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.