2010-03-25 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

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March 25, 2010 (approved April 22, 2010)


Member Present: Ellen Baum, Billie Oakes, Bill Shippen, Brent Zachau, Paul Baines and Bradley Meads.



Item 1:              Baum called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


                        Baines will act as a voting member and Meads agreed to take minutes.


Item 2:              Consideration of February 25, 2010 Meeting Minutes


                        Zachau made a motion to approve the minutes, Oakes seconded and all voted in favor.


Item 3:Old Business


Subdivision Application – Wildwood Reality Trust

52 Teal Lane(Tax Map R09, Lot 015-006)

The application is to amend the existing subdivision plat to create three lots.


                        The Board reviewed the application for completeness.  All requested information has                 been submitted.  Zachau made a motion that the application is complete.  Baines                                seconded the motion and all voted in favor.


                        Baum closed the Planning Board meeting opened the public hearing. 


  • Kathleen McGee and Ed Friedman stated that they were in opposition to the project, as they were to the original subdivision in 2001, because the subdivision is located in an environmentally sensitive area.  They stated that there was a report prepared by Woodlot Alternatives, dated August 14, 2001, which stated that the project was located in a botanically significant/sensitive area.  Baines state that all data filed by the applicant for this project stated that there were not any archeological, botanical issues with the property.  McGee agreed to provide the Board with a copy of the Woodlot Report.
  • Kathleen McGee stated that using the airport parcel to meet the open space requirement should not be acceptable because that parcel may be protected in perpetuity.  Baines stated that it did meet the legal requirement.


Baum closed the public hearing and opened the public hearing.


                        Baum stated that the Board had not received a response letter from the Fire Chief                                  regarding the project yet.


                        Baum asked if the Board wanted to hold a site walk of the property.  Baines stated that                         the Board had already agreed that a site walk was not necessary for this project.  The                     Board discussed when they should make the decision about conducting a site walk and                    agreed that in the future they would wait until after the public hearing to decide if the                       site walk was not necessary.


                        Oakes suggested that the Board should start over and require a new subdivision                                    application rather than reviewing the project as a subdivision amendment. 


                        The Board agreed that we needed the following information before they can continue                 the review of the application for performance standards:

  • Letter from the Fire Chief.  Baum will request that Nicole Briand obtain this for the Board.
  • The report from Woodlot Alternatives.
  • The original subdivision application materials.


Item 4:              Other Business


                        Annual Ordinance Review


                        The Board agreed to make the following changes to the proposed revisions to the Land                         Use Ordinance:

 Article 7: Shoreland Zoning

 Change 75 to 100 feet in section b.

 Article 10: Site Plan Review.

 D (8) b) ii: should read: Depending on the tier of the application, either the Planning Board or the Code Enforcement Officer may require additional landscaping and/or screening to the road and abutting properties.

 E 17): should read: Non- Roadside or Cross-Country Distribution Lines (greater than 34.5 kV) and Gas Transmission Pipelines

  a) The applicant must demonstrate subsection iii thru v. The other subsections should be removed.

 Shippen made a motion to approve the proposed revisions, Zachau seconded and all voted in favor.


Item 5:              Adjourn Meeting