2010-04-02 Special Select Board Meeting Minutes

Special Select Board Meeting
April 2, 2010


Present: Selectpersons David Whittlesey (Chair), Brian Hobart and Dan Billings.
Also present: Leah Rachin, Town Attorney

At 2:00 p.m., Mr. Whittlesey called the meeting to order. Mr. Hobart moved to go into executive session, pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(E), to consult with the Town attorney concerning the board's legal rights and duties with respect to the Attorney General's investigation regarding the February 2, 2010 municipal election. Motion seconded by Mr. Billings. Motion approved 3 to 0.

At 3:15 Mr. Hobart moved to go out of executive session. Mr. Billings seconded. Motion approved 3 to 0. In open session, Mr. Hobart moved to direct the Chair of the Board of Selectmen to speak with the Town Manager about the Town Clerk's roles and responsibilities regarding the June election and to direct that appropriate action be taken to appoint an assistant/deputy clerk, experienced in the electoral process, to assume oversight of said election such that the Town Clerk will continue in her duties except for those related to the upcoming election. Motion approved 3 to 0.

At 3:17, Mr. Billings moves to adjourn; seconded and approved 3 to 0.