Town of Bowdoinham

Solid Waste Committee

April 7, 2010

6:30 PM



 Minute taker:          David R.

  Meeting called to order by Tade Mahoney at 6:36 PM.

 Attendees were:  Tade Mahoney, Dale Mosher, Elaine Diaz, Howard Solomon, David Reinheimer, David Berry and Nicole Briand.

 The minutes for the 3 March meeting were reviewed and adopted by a vote of 5-0.

 Town Ordinance:

 Will be worked on later by Dale Mosher and David Berry and submitted when completed.

    David Berry asked if there should be added dumpster regulations in the ordinance?

    -    A dumpster should be covered or a violation would occur.

    -    Nicole said that if the ordinance is going to stipulate a violation for an uncovered dumpster then it must be enforcable, regulations and fines must be stipulated so that the CEO can make the owners of the open/overflowing dumpsters mend their ways.

    -    Dumpsters cost between $50/60 per month.

    -    What do other towns do?  Hallowell requires a concrete pad for a dumpster and an enclosing fence.

    -    Issues:

        -    Overflowing dumpsters

        -    Registration for dumpster haulers

        -    2008 Report from dumpster haulers

            -    How many dumpster haulers should the Town allow?

            -    Do we need stricter guidelines?

            -    Haulers now pay $250 per truck.

            -    Right now there is no limit to the number of haulers.

            -    This means multiple trucks pound on the town's roads collecting what could fit into one truck.

            -    Should the town get into the business of permitting and/or limiting the number of dumpster haulers?

        -    Dale Mosher has a list of the permitted dumpster haulers and will call each to get their prices and then he can make a valid comparison between dumpsters and recycling.

  Send any ideas and changes for the Ordinance to Dale Mosher and/or David Berry.

     Dale Mosher and David Berry will deal with the dumpster issues for the next meeting - May.

 NOTE:  Tade Mahoney sent a recommendation to the Selectpersons to renew the lease on the recycling barn on a one (1) year basis until the SW&RC has a chance to formulate a long term plan.



         -    The present lease area is now more than the 15,768 Sq. Ft. outlined in the present lease.  In the new lease David Berry has increased the available lease space to above the old area of 15,768 Sq. Ft.

        -    The third floor lease area is approximately 84 Ft. X 36 FT.

        -    It was decided to wait until later to discuss the total barn issue.

        -    The barn was inspected in 2009 by a registered Structural Engineer - Eric Caldwell, P.E. of Hallowell.

        -    As a result of that inspection that was recommended by a MMA inspector the floors were "beefed up" in 2009 for a cost of between $3000 and $4000.

        -    The committee would like to see a copy of the 2010 lease that David Berry submitted to the town in January - It has not been signed by the Selectpersons.


         -    We presently utilize single-stream without the inclusion of paper waste because the town can do better to separate and sell the paper waste themselves.

        -    If the barn were lost/destroyed we would employ a Ro-Ro [roll-on - roll off i.e. large dumpster] to give people in town a place to place their recyclables until another facility could be arranged.

            -    Curbside pick-up of trash would continue without interruption.

            -    Other items [OBW, oil and tires, etc.] would have to be dealt with by separte methods.

        -    The issue with single stream is that once the town embarks on it there is no going back.  We are half way there right now.  To go back now would not be too difficult.

        -    Elaine Diaz asked how single stream is viewed environmentally.  David Berry said that he has a magazine article that address just that issue and that he would make that available to her.

        -    Tade Mahoney stated that single stream is not all that it is cracked up to be and we need to look at it.

        -    Harold Soloman stated that single stream loses some community involvement in the total recycling process.


         -    David Berry stated that 2009 had some safety issues but that they have all been resolved.

        -    The barn is ADA accessible on the first floor and beyond that it has never been an issue.

        -    David Reinheimer asked if the elevator is for use by people and David Berry replied that it is not.

        -    The seond floor is for the storage of old doors/windows and clothes but access has never been an issue.

        -    Harold Soloman asked about the new signs pertaining to use of the facility by townspeople only.

            -    Nicole replied that one citizen kept complaining about a person from another town who kept coming to the Barn and so the Town Manager authroized the procurement of the sign.

        -    David Berry is studying and plans to expand the aprking to the south side of the building.  Parking at busy times [early and late afternoon] is a problem.


         -    Increasing the cost of trash tickets meant more dumpsters and a little more into recycling.

        -    Soon the cost per ticket will barely cover the costs of the trash AND the curbside pickup of recyclables.

        -    Need to train a successor to David Berry.

            -    The program almost runs itself.

            -    Need David Berry's expertise when it comes to the marketing of the recyclables.


         -    Tade Mahoney said that the community must pay for any alterations to the barn.

        -    Dale Mosher stated that the value of the barn is more in the program than in the building itself.

        -    Elaine Diaz said that the old building has sentimental value, has been around for a long time.

        -    David Berry stated that the barn itself is "recycled" from an old chicken barn.

        -    Tade Mahoney noted that no cost has ever been assigned to what it might cost to build a new building.


         -    Good comments in the summary.

        -    A new barn would be cost prohibitive.

        -    The data included with the report is very helpful.

        -    The SW&RC is a result of the recommendations of the 2008 report. [And a state requirement.]

     Review of Agenda:

         -    Look at program

        -    Barn Alterations

        -    Alterations to the program

        -    Personnel

     Committee could use tasks to create teh Recycling and Solid Waste program goals.

            -    Increase recycling.

     David Berry stated that the Program is about recycling and not TRASH!!!

            -    By state statute the town must set up a system to get rid of trash.

     Tade Mahoney - Will go over the Selectpersons tasks at the next meeting,

            -    The nest meeting will be the 12th of May, 6:30PM, the second Wednesday of May.

            -    MRRA - Two day conference at the end of April [22 and 23] in Rockland at the Samoset.

            -    Tade Mahoney is planning to go and maybe Elaine Diaz will go too.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 PM.