12 May 2010 – Revised 6-5-2010


Solid Waste and Recycling Committee


Meeting called to order by Tade Mahoney at 6:36 PM.

 Attendees were:  Tade Mahoney, Dale Mosher, Elaine Diaz, Howard Solomon, David Reinheimer, David Berry [partial].

 The minutes for the 7 April meeting were reviewed and adopted by a vote of 5-0 after Tade Mahoney noted that on Page 3 of the minutes it stated that he said that “if work was needed to the barn that the “community must pay for any alterations to the Barn.”  Tade did not intend for that to be the meaning of his statement.


 Tade Mahoneystated that he had attended the Maine Resource Recovery Conference and there were speakers for both sides of the Single Stream issue.  The conclusion he drew was that a town with an established program of recycling should take a careful look at the Pros and Cons of Single Stream.

 Dale Moshernoted that the town needs to see that Single Stream would be primarily good.

 Elaine Diazspoke of an article she had read in the “Maine Townsman” concerning the true costs of Single Stream.  She said that the main objections to it are environmental due primarily to the number of trucks that have to be on the road.  Another issue is the percentage of the Single Stream material that is not recycled.  What happens to that?  She went on to say that certain Northern European countries {Germany and some Scandinavian countries] that were on board with Single Stream have now opted to withdraw from the program.

 Howard Solomonasked what the position of the Conference was on Single Stream and

 Tade Mahoneystated that there were presenters from both sides of the issues.  He went on to say that the earlier Pre-Single Stream quality of fiber was known for its cleanliness and now buyers of fiber are staying away from Single Stream fiber due to its general uncleanliness.  If is town wishes to maintain its high quality fiber market it may want to consider NOT participating in Single Stream.


 Tade Mahoneysaid that what we should do as a committee is to take the six main tasks set before us by the Town Selectmen and assign two to three person teams to delve into those areas and then report back to the total committee to form the basis for discussion and a future report to the selectmen.  The tasks are:

 Single Stream– This is currently under study by the team of Tade Mahoney and Elaine Diaz.

  1. The Solid Waste Ordinance– This is currently under review by the team of David Berry and Dale Mosher.
  2. The Solid Waste and Recycling Program
    1. Are there changes that should be made?
    2. How can Solid Waste and Recycling be expanded?
    3. What are the barriers to more resident participation?
    4. What is the annual data and what does it tell us?
    5. What material is being handled and what are the associated costs?
    6. Is curbside collection with a single vendor the best method?
    7. Dale Mosher asked how many tons of trash and waste are produced every year and where to they go?
    8. Elaine Diaz noted that an educational component is extremely important and that the details of recycling need to be imparted to the townspeople on a more regular basis – not just to those newcomers to the community.  The town newsletter is the perfect vehicle for this dissemination.
  3. The Barn
    1. Dale Mosher stated that a brand new barn would be very nice but that it would cost millions.  That fact makes the present barn look pretty good and further the idea of fixing it up.
    2. Elaine Diazsaid that much as she puts money aside to eventually replace her present car, so too the town should be putting some funds aside for eventually replacing the barn.
    3. Dale Mosher continued by saying that since we don’t have the money for a new barn that we had better try to keep the present one as long as possible.
    4. Howard Solomonstated that the barn is a “symbol” of recycling in Bowdoinham in spite of what some people are saying: That we should get rid of David Berry and that Single Stream is a business associated with the Mafia  [Cassella is the Single Stream company that we work with.]  To this end Howard said that we need to make sure that the findings of the SWRC [Solid Waste and Recycling Committee] need to be made very transparent.
    5. Dale Mosherwent on to say that with proper maintenance the barn could last for another 50 years?
    6. Elaine Diazwas shocked to hear that some people were out to get rid of the barn and David Berry.  She advocates staying out of town politics and keeping an open mind toward the future.
    7. Tade Mahoneysimply stated that many people just “don’t like change”.  We in the SWRC are out to meet the town’s needs and save taxes.
    8. Elaine Diazstated that she frequently talks with her friends and neighbors about what is taking place on the SWRC to ensure that they are informed.
    9. Tade Mahoneyreiterated that the 2008 report looked at the barn:
  4. Safety of both residents and employees.
  5. Changes in material handling.
  6. Where in the barn residents should and should not be allowed to go.
    1. Elaine Diazsuggested that perhaps the committee should meet with David Berry to discuss the issue of barn safety.
    2. Dale Mosherwarned that even though we may have to listen to rumors that we must be careful to only include facts in the report.
    3. Tade Mahoneybrought up the issue of the lease and said that we must become more familiar with the lease.  [David Berry entered the meeting.]
    4. David Berrysaid that the lease has been okay for the past 20 years and that now it is at the town lawyer’s to get “updated”.  The renewal date is 1 July 2010.


E. Alternates – [As listed on the agenda by Tade Mahoney]

1.  Stay with current program with minor changes

2.  Stay with current program with major changes                                 

3.  Relocate to another building in Bowdoinham

4.  Create local regional facility in Bowdoinham

5.  Ship to local regional facility in another nearby town

6.  Continue operating local facility and ship more materials to another facility

7.  Close local facility and ship all materials to another facility, i.e.:  single stream

  1. Solid waste disposal alternatives
  2. Tade Mahoneywent on to say that these alternatives as well as the other tasks assigned by the Selectmen need to be studied and could most effectively be handled by small sub-groups of 1 or 2 people.


F.Staffing –

  1. Tade Mahoneynoted that we should discuss David Berry and his future plans with regard to his involvement with the barn and the solid waste and recycling programs.
  2. David Berryallowed as how he was probably good for at least another five (5) years.



  1. Study
  2. Recommendations
  3. Deadlines – Howard Solomon asked Tade Mahoney what he thought the deadlines would be for the studies.  Elaine Diaz stated that probably some tasks would require more effort than others.
  4. At the June Meetingit was allowed as how we would all be able to report on our findings to date and see what progress was/is being made.  The studies were assigned/volunteered as follows:
    1. Recycling Data– Dale Mosher with help from Howard Solomon.
    2. Alternatives– Elaine Diaz with help from Tade Mahoney and Howard Solomon.
    3. Barn– David Reinheimer with help from Tade Mahoney.
    4. Staffing– David Berry
    5. Tade Mahoney  recommended that the subcommittees should meet and work on their tasks collaboratively.  Tade went on to say that in the past months the committee has “come together” and is now a working group.



 A.Facility Visits –

  1. Elaine Diazasked what other committees are doing?
  2. Tade Mahoneysaid that he knows most all of the surrounding committees and can help Elaine to get to know their programs.
  3. Dale Moshersaid that we should look at other towns with similar populations and see if they have any “WHIZ-BANG” programs.
  4. David Berryrecommended going to see the West Gardiner facility.  They have no Single Stream while Richmond and Bowdoin do have Single Stream and he did not know what Litchfield had.  Woolwich has a population similar to that of Bowdoinham but has no program.
  5. Tade Mahoneysuggested that we check out all of the surrounding towns.
  6. David Berry said that it is good to go and see how others handle their stuff.
  7. Howard Solomonsuggested that at USM, Bowdoin and Colby there might be available students interested in Recycling that would be available to assist us in doing some research to further their education and get some credit at the same time.


The next meeting was set for 2 June 2010, Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

 The next agenda will involve updates on the task investigations.

 Committee member phone numbers are as follows:

             David Berry [cell] –         751-2809

            Elaine Diaz                    666-8255

            David Reinheimer           666-8848

            Tade Mahoney               666-3837

            Howard Solomon            666-3589

            Dale Mosher                  666-8102

 The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.