2010-05-27 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

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May 27, 2010 (approved 6-24-10)


Item 1:              Call Regular Planning Board meeting to order at 7:00pm

 Ellen Baum, Paul Beltramini, Billie Oakes, Brent Zachau, Paul Baines, and Brad Meads were present.  Baines was appointed a voting member.

 Item 2:              Consideration of April 22, 2010 Meeting Minutes

 Baines made a motion to approve minutes as amended.  Zachau seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

 Item 3:Old Business

Subdivision Application – Hilltop Log Homes

Pond Road (Tax Map R02, Lot 064)

 Dan McKenna asked the Planning Board for an extension of the requirement to record the Subdivision Plat within ninety days, because he thought the Town was going to record the Plat; he did not know that it was his responsibility to record the Plat. 

 Oakes made a motion to extend the timeframe due to the ambiguity in the Ordinance regarding whose responsibility it was to record Subdivision Plat.  Baines seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

 Site Plan Review Application – Maxx Coombs

112 Pond Road(Tax Map R02, Lot 063)

The application is for a change of use to allow for car auction on part of the property.

 Maxx and John Coombs were present for the application.

 Baum stated that the Planning Board needs to find application complete before they can open meeting to pubic hearing.

 Maxx stated that they have updated plans and have received the MDOT driveway permit.

 The Board reviewed the application for the additional materials that were requested at the last meeting –

  • The names and addresses of property owner within 200-ft.  Baines asked if these were the only ones.  Coombs answered yes.
  • Parking – Oakes asked if all parking would be on property.  Mr. Coombs stated that some parking would be at the glass company.  Oakes stated that abutters of that property should be notified.  Briand sent notices to all property owners within 500-ft of the property for the public hearing.  Board discussed issue on whether or not additional noticing should be made if other properties will be used in part of project.  Baum stated that for this application the additional parking across the street needs to be shown on the plan.
  • Solid waste - Mr. Coombs stated that they would be using the dumpster that is on-site.  Oakes asked if they can be sure that there won’t be any oil?  Mr. Coombs stated yes.  Baum asked that additional information given stating that there will be no automotive work on-site and that this will be a condition of approval.
  • Bathrooms - The portable toilet needs to be located on the plan and information given on number of toilets needed.
  • Parking information - Parking is shown, but the dimensions and actual parking stalls need to be shown on-site and offsite parking.   Mr. Coombs stated that there will be people on-site to help with parking people.  Baines asked that the total number of parking spaces be provided.  Baum stated that the number vehicle is a very important part of the project, which is why we are spending so much time on this.  Baines asked where the parking is for other users of the property and stated that this needs to be shown?
  • Signage – Baines asked that the location of the sign be shown on the plan.  Baum asked if the sign would be a temporary sign.  Mr. Coombs stated that the sign would be a permanent.  Baum stated that the proposed sign must meet the ordinance.
  • Lighting – There will be four motion detection lights on corners of building. 
  • Hours of operation – This was provided.
  • Traffic – A copy of the MDOT has been provided.  Baum stated that the Board wants the information regarding the number of trips.
  • North arrow was provided


Baum stated the revised information is needed for parking spaces and peak traffic.

 The Board reviewed the letter from Scott Libby, property owner.  Baines stated that this approval needs to specify that this approval is allowing an additional use on the property and not changing the use of the property.

 Zachau made a motion that the application is complete with the condition that the revised materials be provided to the Board.  Beltramini seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

 Baum closed the Planning Board meeting and opened the public hearing.

 Heather Popadak asked if the auction would take place year round.  Mr. Coombs stated that the auction would only take place during the warm weather.

 It was asked if the vehicles would be arriving all week.  Mr. Coombs stated that the vehicles would only be arriving on Friday and Saturday.

 It was asked what the hours of operation would be.  Mr. Coombs stated on Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm.

 It was asked who would participate in the auction.  Mr. Coombs stated that the auction would be open to the public, not just dealers. But once the parking capacity is met then no more people will be allowed in.

 Heather Popadak asked where the will parking be? Mr. Coombs showed where parking will be.  She stated that she is concerned that parking will be on their property as the glass company does.  Mr. Coombs stated that they will not park on their property.

 Baum asked if there were any other comments.  Baum closed the public hearing and opened the Planning Board Meeting.

 The Board asked when people will leave site?  What happens after someone purchases car?  Mr. Coombs stated that they do paperwork and transit plates for people during the intermissions in-between the cycles.  Once the paperwork is complete people can take car.  How many people will be working? Mr. Coombs stated about 15 people.

 The Board discussed whether or not to conduct a site walk and decided to do the site walk on Thursday, June 24th at 6 pm.

 The Board stated that at the next meeting they must provide a scaled drawing that shown the parking and a statement regarding the peak traffic and hours.


Item 4:              New Business

 Site Plan Review Application – Kyle Cobb

6 Wallentine Road(Tax Map U02, Lot 022)

The application is for an automotive repair shop.

 Kyle Cobb was present to represent the application.

 Cobb stated that he does repairs for automobiles and power sports (snowmobiles, dirt bikes), as well as some tractors and heavy equipment.  He also does some on-road service calls.  He has purchase the property and is working on finishing the existing garage.  For the business he needs to create a parking area and he is proposing to buffer the parking area. 

 The Board asked about hazardous waste.  Mr. Cobb stated the he will use Clean Harbors to dispose of his hazardous waste and the will bring his waste oil to the Town and others who want it for their waste oil burners.

 The Board asked how many people would be working.  Mr. Cobb stated that he was not going to hire someone now, but he is hoping to hire one person in the future. 

 The Board asked about the garage.  Mr. Cobb stated that he is working on finishing the garage that was started.  He stated that he talked with the Fire Marshall’s Office and they are not concerned with his business because of its size.

 The Board reviewed for completeness: 

 Mr. Cobb stated that he has the necessary tools, but he will need about $8,000 to finish the building.  He is doing the work himself.

  • The Board asked about the noise level and stated that they may limit the hours of operation.
  • The Board discussed the trailer on the property and whether or not it had to meet setbacks or require screening.  They decided that it was a movable trailer so those requirements do not apply.
  • Board asked how waste oil would be handled.  Mr. Cobb stated that he intends on using 55 gal drums with plastic catch containers.   The Board asked that the storage area be labeled on the plan.
  • The Board asked that Mr. Cobb provide additional information from Clean Harbors for his dispose of his hazardous waste.
  • The Board asked about waste and spill prevention and if there were any State regulations.  Briand stated that she would look into the State regulations and work with Mr. Cobb.
  • The Board asked that the wattage for the lighting be provided.


 The Board asked that the additional information be provided for the next meeting.  The Board stated that they would notice for a public hearing for the next meeting, but they would only be able to hold the public hearing if they found the application complete.  Mr. Cobb stated that he understood the risk and would like to have the public hearing in June.  The Board agreed to schedule the public hearing for June 24th as well as the site walk at 6:30pm.

 Public hearing for June 24th, site walk at 6:30

 Item 5:              Other Business

                         The Board signed the Approved Subdivision Plans and Approval Letters.

 Item 6:              Adjourn Meeting