Bowdoinham Solid Waste Committee

July 7, 2010 Meeting Minutes


-Present:           Dale Mosher, Howard Solomon , Elaine Diaz, David Reinheimer, Tade Mahoney,

                        Public: George Christopher

 -Begin:             6:38

 -Review minutes from June 2, 2010 meeting: 

             Minutes adopted unanimously with minor changes

 -David reported on the field trip to the Freeport and Gray SW & Recycling facilities. Discussions about how an improved facility could increase recycling participation in Bowdoinham. Could we be recycling greater amounts and/or additional materials with a different facility? What could be added? Other facilities to visit: W Gardiner, Wiscasset, Lisbon, Winthrop.

 -Discuss final report, how will we approach the actual drafting of the report? Who will oversee that process? Time line? (check with Nicole)

 -Incentives for increasing participation: make it more convenient and easier to recycle, or make it mandatory. Survey area towns that currently have mandatory recycling ordinances. Develop list of questions for the survey, get copies of the ordinances, ask Nicole to contact towns with survey questions.

 -Sub-committees will continue to evaluate the four elements of the SW & Recycling operations:

 Program:          materials collected, curbside collection, participation, dumpsters, costs,


 Barn:                hours of operation, location, material handling, costs, public access, safety,

traffic, parking, etc.

 Alternatives:      Strengths/weaknesses of current program and facility

                        Consider alternatives with associated costs

 Personnel:         staff

how will the program and operation be impacted when David retires? 

 -Recommend that the Selectboard appoint George Christopher to the committee.

 -Set Agenda for August 4th meeting.

 -Adjourn : 8PM