Bowdoinham Solid Waste Committee

August 4, 2010 Meeting Minutes


-Present:           Elaine Diaz, George Christopher, Tade Mahoney, Nicole Briand, David Berry                      

-Begin:             6:38

 -Welcome George Christopher to the committee.

 -Review minutes from July 7, 2010 meeting: 

             Minutes adopted unanimously (3-0) with no changes

 -Table discussion on the Barn Survey discussion until September meeting

 -Selectboard updates: send minutes to select board members, prepare monthly committee update for Selectboard which George can deliver if requested.

 -Barn lease: The committee recommended in March that the selectboard extend the barn lease for one year. The committee did not make any suggestions regarding the terms of the new lease.

 -George indicated that as part of the comprehensive plan requirements the state will be expecting the town to provide details on how we will increase the amount of materials being recycled in town and that this should be addressed in our report

 -The idea of a survey for area towns with mandatory recycling ordinances was thoroughly discussed. We agreed that we need a specific list of questions, and a list of towns. Nicole volunteered to contact the towns and conduct the survey and she raised some helpful questions on what kind of information we might want to collect. David B and Tade will get a list of questions to Nicole directly so that she will be able to have the results of the survey for the Sept 1st meeting. We will survey towns with a variety of program types. Elaine suggested that we shouldn’t let the survey get unnecessarily cumbersome.

 -Timeline: The committee report will be completed and delivered to the selectboard in early February 2011. If we recommend any ordinance revisions we will need to have a public hearing in March so that the draft can be sent to the selectboard in April 2011.

 -Field trips: Tentative date Sat August 21st.  George, Elaine, David Berry have agreed to participate. Check with David R, Dale and Howard. Towns mentioned: Lisbon, W Gardiner, Winthrop, Wiscasset.

 -We will need to have sub-committee updates at the Sept meeting.

 -Set Agenda for September 1st meeting.

 -Adjourn : 8:18PM