2010-08-24 Select Board Meeting Minutes


Town of Bowdoinham
Select Board Meeting Minutes
August 24, 2010

Residents Present: Dick Leighton, George Christopher, Dotty Baker, Kevin Prout, Pam Ross, Bradley Meads, Bob Kane, Stewart Burrell, Dean Beckwith, Ed Ferranti, Lynn Spiro, Theresa Turgeon

Item 1: Call the meeting to order – The Chair called the meeting to order. All members were present: Chair Hobart, Selectperson Billings, and Selectperson Tourtelotte

Item 2: Consideration of the minutes from August 10, 2010 – The Board reviewed the minutes. Selectperson Tourtelotte moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Selectperson Billings. The vote was 3-0 in favor.

Item 3: Comments from the Public – There were no comments from the public.

Item 4: New Business

a) Award of Contract for Winter Road Maintenance – The Board reviewed the Bids. Selectperson Billings moved to award the Winter Road Maintenance contract to the low bidder, M.J.F Enterprises for $9,600, seconded by Selectperson Tourtelotte. The vote was 3-0 in favor.
b) Approval of 2010-2011 Sagadahoc County Tax Assessment Return for $411,514 – Selectperson Billings who serves on the County Budget Committee reported that the overall county budget remained flat this year. Selectperson Billings moved to approve the 2010-2011 Sagadahoc County Tax Assessment Return for $411,514, seconded by Selectperson Tourtelotte. The vote was 3-0 in favor.
c) Discussion regarding changing municipal election from June to November – Selectperson Billings gave a brief history of Bowdoinham’s municipal election schedule. He stated that the major reason that he supports moving the election from June to November is the voter turnout is higher in November. In addition, because the June election coincides with party primary elections, more voters from a particular political party may show up to vote creating a one-sided electorate. The Board acknowledged that setting the date of the election is within the Board’s authority, the decision should go to the voters. They agreed to put the question on the November ballot.
d) Discussion regarding increasing the Select Board from 3 members to 5 members – Selectperson Billings noted that 68% of towns with populations similar to the size of Bowdoinham have five members on their Select Boards and 32% have 3 members on their Select Boards. Selectperson Tourtelotte stated that he was “on the fence” about this issue but that if it was the “will of the people, then it was the will of the people”. Chair Hobart expressed concern that more members to the Board would add bureaucracy and decision-making may take longer. Selectperson Billings noted that all other Town committees that are appointed by the Select Board have at least five members. The Board decided to table the issue to the September 14th meeting.
e) Consideration to waive lien fees for George Sugden, 62 Bayview Lane, R09-033 – Selectperson Billings moved to waive the lien fees for George Sugden, seconded by Selectperson Tourtelotte. The vote was 3-0 in favor.
f) Committee Assignments for Select Board members: The following Committee assignments were made:

Chair Hobart: Energy Committee, Water District, and Comprehensive Planning Committee

Selectperson Billings: Planning Board, Comcast/Communications Committee, Finance Advisory Committee

Selectperson Tourtelotte: Community Development Advisory Board, Solid Waste Committee, and Biking, Walking, Paddling Committee

Item 5: Old Business – There was no Old Business.

a. The Manager reported that 27 properties remain unpaid for the tax year 2009 representing $26,385.75 in unpaid property taxes. She stated that these properties are in threat of foreclosure in January 2011 if remain unpaid. Also, another 76 properties remain unpaid for the tax year 2010 representing $86,277.24 in unpaid property taxes. The liens were filed on these properties on July 30, 2010.
b. Stolen Property – The Manager reported that over the past three weeks, 20 high reflective cones and 6 type 2 barricades have been stolen from the work site at Cemetery Road for a loss of approximately $600.
c. Celebrate Bowdoinham is Saturday, September 11. The Manager reminded the Board that Celebrate Bowdoinham is on September 11 and their official task is that of Pie Judge that will take place at the Masonic Hall at 2 pm.
d. The Manager reminded the Board of the PACE scheduled for August 25th at 6:30 pm with Dana Fischer of Efficiency Maine.
e. Tax Bills went out last Friday (August 20th).
f. The Manager stated that a special Select board meeting is needed to sign a Treasurer’s Warrant for Celebrate Bowdoinham as well as for other bills that need to be paid before the regular scheduled meeting on September 14th. The Board decided to meet at 6 pm on September 7th to sign a Treasurer’s Warrant.

Item 7: Consent Items – There were no consent items.

Item 8: Consideration of FY10 Treasurer’s Warrant #10 - Accounts Payable: $21,779.77 Payroll: $16,086.21
Warrant Total $37,865.98

The Board reviewed the Treasurer’s Warrant. Selectperson Billings moved to approve Treasurer’s Warrant #10 in the amount of $37,865.98, seconded by Selectperson Tourtelotte. The vote was 3-0 in favor.

Selectperson Tourtelotte asked why employee benefits were being applied to the Town’s Contingency Account. The Manager reported that the benefits were an unexpected expense and that the only place from which to apply the expense was to the Contingency Account or otherwise, the Personnel Budget would be over expended. Selectperson Tourtelotte asked why the Personnel Budget would be over expended when the benefit line was budgeted. The Manager reported that she had to hire temporary staff that cost the same amount budgeted for in the Personnel Budget including the benefits line. Selectperson Billings noted that the benefit expense can be transferred back against the Personnel budget at a later date.

Item 9: Selectperson’s Request for Agenda Items for next meeting (August 24, 2010) –

Item 10: Announce Future Meetings, Workshops, Events

• August 25 @ 6:30 – PACE meeting at Coombs Municipal Building
• September 10 & 11 – Celebrate Bowdoinham
• September 14 @ 6:30 pm – Regular Select Board meeting
• September 22 @ 6:30 pm – Sidewalk Project meeting

Item 11: Adjourn – The Chair adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm