2011-03-10 Planning Board Meeting Minutes




March 10, 2011


Members Present: Ellen Baum, Paul Beltramini, Bill Shippen, and Paul Baines



Item 1:              Call Regular Planning Board meeting to order at 6:30pm


Baum called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Brent Zachau recused himself to allow himself to represent the applicant.


Item 2:              New Business


Shoreland Zoning Application for Amendment – Findley

598 Browns Point Road, Tax Map R10, Lot 021


Zachau explained project describing that in placing the permitted rip rapping, it became apparent that the rip rapping, which was placed in the late 70s/early 80s required repair. Accordingly, Zachau represented the applicant in requesting an amendment to repair an additional 90 feet.  Repair job would include re-using existing rip rapping materials.


Applicant has March 7, 2011 letter from Army Corps of Engineers, which describes the work as “repair and maintenance” and a February 23, 2011 Permit by Rule from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Copies of these will be provided for the file.


No clearing is planned, and there is a plan to re-vegetate according to Maine DEP –approved list acceptable plantings and requirements.  List will also be provided for the file.


Motion was made by Paul Baines to amend original Findley Shoreland Zoning permit issued November 20, 2009 and require that work be conducted with the same conditions. Motion was seconded by Paul Beltramini and approved 4-0.



Item 3:              Next Meeting


The next meeting will be on March 24


Item 4:              Adjourn Meeting at 7:00 pm.