2011-05-10 Select Board Meeting Minutes


2011-05-10 Select Board Meeting Minutes

 Town of Bowdoinham

Select Board

May 10, 2011


Item 1:  Call the meeting to order

            Meeting called to order by Chairman Hobart at 6:30 p.m. All three Selectmen were present.

Item 2:  Amendments to the Agenda - none

Item 3:  Public Hearing

  1.  Ordinance Changes

Selectman Billings explained proposed ordinance changes. There were no questions from the audience.

  1. Town Meeting Warrant


Selectman Billings discussed the proposed budget explaining that it was a maintenance budget except for two additions.  There is money to fund a Community and Economic Development Director which was funded in previous budgets and funds for hiring additional help in the Town Office. The proposed mill rate will be the same as last year $14.80. Selectman Billings also discussed the Capital Improvement budget which is proposed to borrow $900,000 for road work at $485,000, replacement of a Public Works truck $90,000 and a new fire truck pumper $340,000. The amount requested is under one Warrant Article to allow for flexibility in the borrowing. He also explained that there are Warrant Articles to allow for the Skate Board Park to begin by authorizing the Town to accept a number of easements.


A question was raised about including a recall provision as a Warrant Article. After discussion it was decided to postpone this until the November election.

Item 4:         Comments from the Public

          The Board thanked all of the Town employees for a job well done while the Town is conducting the search for a new Town Manager.

 Item 5:  New Business

  1. Declaration of Certified Ratio (93%)

Motionby Selectman Billings to approve the 93% ratio. Seconded by Selectman Tourtelotte.  Voted unanimously 3-0.

  1. Center Street approval to request bids

Motionby Selectman Billings to authorize bids on Center Street reconstruction.  Seconded by Tourtelotte.  Voted unanimously 3-0.

  1. Old Fire Station easement

Consultant Gerrish reported that Brian Smith has been hired to prepare easements for hydrants, sidewalks and parking as part of selling the old Fire Station.

  1. Old Fire Station purchase and sale agreement amendment

Motionby Selectman Billings to authorize the Chair to sign the amended purchase and sale agreement as presented.   Seconded by Tourtelotte. Voted unanimously 3-0.

  1. Kiosk on Old Fire Station Property

Consultant Gerrish reported that the kiosk will need to be moved and a new site to be found for it. The Board suggested property on Rt. 24 near the Town’s Public Works Department as a possibility. Further review will be made and  reported back to the Board.

  1. Energy Committee – Contracts for projects

Motionby Selectman Billings to approve the two energy contracts to Cote Construction and Upright Frameworks .   Seconded by Tourtelotte. Voted unanimously 3-0.

  1. Update on Town Manager Search

Consultant Gerrish reported that the Town received 33 applications for the Manager position. The Board received 12 of those applications for review and decided to interview 4 candidates. The interviews will be set for next week. One candidate has withdrawn so the Board will interview 3.

Item 6:  Old Business: Pending Items

  1. Trust Funds

Selectman Billings reported that he had communicated with Rob Snow and Rob will estimate how much money is due to the Trust Funds. The Board discussed bringing the issue to Town Meeting in November for approval of replacing the interest lost to the Trust Funds from the Town’s fund balance. The report from Rob Snow will be an agenda item in the future.

  1. 250th Anniversary Committee Bylaws and appointees

Peggy Muir reported on the activities so far for the 250th Anniversary Committee. Consultant Gerrish explained that he will make amendments to the Committee’s bylaws as requested by the Board. The Board discussed funds available for the Anniversary explaining there were Trust Funds available in two Trusts equalling approximately $70,000. Further review will need to be done on how much is available for the Celebration.

Motionby Selectman Billings to approve the attached committee list of proposed members.  Seconded by Tourtelotte. Voted unanimously 3-0

  1. Celebrate Bowdoinham 2011

The Board discussed with Peggy Muir her willingness to have a co-chair for the committee. She agreed to have a co-chair and the Board stated it will pursue finding a co-chair.

  1. Cable/Internet Committee

Motionby Selectman Billings to approve the attached list of names to the committee.    Seconded by Tourtelotte. Voted unanimously 3-

 Item 7:  Consideration of FY11 Treasurer’s Warrant #53 – Accounts Payable:  $245,414.14                                                                        

Motionby Selectman Tourtelotte to approve Treasurer’s Warrant #53 for $245,414.14 and seconded by Selectman Billings.  Voted unanimously 3-0.

Item 8:  Selectperson’s Request for Agenda Items for next meeting (May 24, 2011)

Board asked Consultant Gerrish to bring a Warrant Article concerning the Town acceptance of Ridge Road Cemetery and accompanying $20,000 CD to the next Selectmen’s meeting.


 Item 8:  Announce Future Meetings, Workshops, Events

 Selectmen’s Meetings –

  • May 24 – Regular Meeting

Budget/Finance Meetings –

  • May 24 – Annual Town Meeting Warrant signed
  • June 9 – FAC meets to discuss talking points for Town Meeting
  • June 15 – Town Meeting

 Comprehensive Planning Committee – 7 pm

  • Visioning Workshops
  • May 12 – Town Hall
  • May 18 – Fire Station

Item 10:  Adjourn by acclamation at 8:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Donald H. Gerrish