2011-06-02 Select Board Meeting Minutes



Town of Bowdoinham

Special Select Board Meeting

June 02, 2011



Item 1:  Meeting called to order by Chair Brian Hobart at 6:35 p.m. and a quorum confirmed.

Present:  Chair Brian Hobart , Selectman Douglas Tourtelotte, Consultant Don Gerrish, Interim Town Manager Janet Smith, and Recycling Director David Berry. 


Item 2:  Amendments to the Agenda - None


Item 3:  Comments from the Public


A citizen inquired if there was any news on the Town Manager search.  The Board advised an announcement would be forthcoming at the next Selectmen’s meeting scheduled for June 14, 2011.


Item 4:  Old Business/Pending Items


  1. MMA Risk Management/Engineering Survey –


The structural engineering surveys on the Recycling building roof, Public Works building roof, and the Public Works sander stands has been received.  The Board will be updated on the report of the recycling building roof at this time and discuss the public works at a later date.  An overview of the survey results for the recycling building roof was provided to the Board by Don Gerrish.  Based upon the measurements, the final report shows the roof does not meet IBC/International building code.  The survey report recommends that a structural reinforcement be designed and implemented and, at a minimum, a qualified and insured roof maintenance contractor should be retained to provide roof snow load monitoring and removal services during the winter months, however, snow monitoring and removal is not a long-term solution.


Item 5:  New Business


  1. Upgrades to Recycling Barn (fire alarm/doors):


Recycling Director David Berry has received three quotes in regard to the fire alarm system and doors at the recycling facility.

Fire Doors:

      Lamoreau Improvements:   $2,416.00

      Ed Fenimore & Sons, Inc:   $1,655.00

      Bob Wallace, Jr.:                 $1,177.69


Alarm System/Upgrade:

      Ray’s Electrical:                  $7,163.00

      NorthEast Security:  $15,736.00

      Seacoast Security:                $11,996.96 (plus $40/month for annual test & inspection)


Ray’s Electrical has worked on the wiring at the recycling barn in the past and would be utilizing some of the existing hardware.  The quotes from NorthEast Security and Seacoast include all new hardware. 


There was discussion on whether there was a “cut-off” on the square footage of leased space which might preclude the need for an alarm system.  Don Gerrish will contact the Fire Marshal’s Office for clarification.  The doors would still be needed even if the fire alarm is not.  Don Gerrish and Janet Smith will work to get answers to the Board next week in regard to the alarm system and MMA Risk Management’s opinion regarding the structural survey.


  1. Recycling Barn Lease– Moved to the end of the agenda.


Item 6:  Acceptance of Treasurer’s Warrant # 57:


Motionby Selectman Tourtelotte to approve Treasurer’s Warrant #57 in the amount of $30,038.31 and seconded by Chair Hobart.  Voted unanimous, motion passed.


Item 7:  Selectperson’s Request for Agenda Items for next meeting (June 14, 2011) –  None


Item 8:  Future Meetings, Workshops, Events were announced by Chair Hobart

  • Selectmen’s Meetings –
  • June 14– Regular Meeting
  • June 28– Regular Meeting
  • Budget/Finance Meetings –
  • June 9 – FAC meets to discuss talking points for Town Meeting
  • June 15 – Town Meeting


Item 5.b. Recycling Barn Lease:


Motionby Chair Hobart to enter executive session per 1 M.R.S.A. 405(6)(D) Negotiations and seconded by Selectman Tourtelotte.  Voted unanimous, executive session entered at 6:55 p.m.


Motion by Selectman Billings to end executive session, seconded by Selectman Tourtelotte.  Voted unanimous, executive session ended at 7:35 p.m..


Item 9:  Adjourn at 7:37 p.m. by unanimous acclamation.


Respectfully submitted:

Janet L. Smith