2011-08-09 Select Board Meeting Minutes



Town of Bowdoinham

Select Board Meeting

August 9, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.



Item 1:  Call the Meeting to Order & Establishment of a Quorum


Meeting called to order and quorum established by Chairman Hobart at 6:31 p.m.  Selectmen Brian Hobart, Dan Billings and Doug Tourtelotte present.  Staff present included Town Manager William Post, Assessors’ Agent Ron Beal, Assessors’ Assistant Dottie Baker and Public Works Director Kevin Prout. Approximately ten members of the public were also present.


Item 2:  Amendments to the Agenda


            Chairman Hobart stated that Item 10: Executive Session would be tabled.


Item 3:  Comments from the Public 


Theresa Turgeon asked about the status of the Recycling Barn.  Selectman Billings stated that at the last Board meeting this issue was discussed and the Town Manager is investigating the Town’s options. The Board will be holding an informational meeting in September for the public.


Item 4:  Approval of Minutes


  1. July 12, 2011


On Motion of Tourtelotte/Billings, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the minutes of July 26, 2011. 


Item 5:  Business Items:


  1. Act on FY2012 Tax Commitment


Assessors’ Agent Ron Beal presented four options for the Board to consider for the tax rate for fiscal year 2012.  The Board had previously estimated a tax rate of $14.80 per $1,000 of valuation during the annual town meeting.  That option would allow for an overlay of $27,374.50. 


Selectman Billings asked what the increase in the personal property assessment was attributed to.  Beal stated that the increase is from Comcast Cable property being reclassified as personal property from real estate property.  There is a reduction of the same amount on the real estate assessment resulting in a slight increase for FY12.


On motion of Billings/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the 2012 tax rate calculation form and set the tax rate at $14.80 per $1,000 of valuation. 


  1. Act Supplemental Tax Assessments


Assessors’ Agent Beal prepared two supplemental tax assessments for the Board to consider. The first was a Tree Growth Penalty for removing one acre from a parcel on Ridge Road owned by David Light.  The assessment is for $6,366.


On motion of Billings/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve the supplemental tax assessment #1 in the amount of $6,366.


The second supplemental assessment was an Open Space penalty for removing 47.03 acres from a 50.03 acre parcel on River Road owned by Donald and Miriam Schneider.  The assessment is $1,863.44.


On motion of Billings/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve supplemental tax assessment #2 in the amount of $1,863.44.


  1. Act of Appointment of Animal Control Officer


Town Manager Post recommended that Clifford Daigle be re-appointed as Animal Control Officer for Fiscal Year 2012.    


On motion of Tourtelotte/Billings, the Board voted 3 – 0 to appoint Clifford Daigle as Animal Control Officer for FY12.


  1. Discussion concerning Ordinance for the Recall of Elected Municipal Officers


Selectman Billings proposed revisions to the recall ordinance as revised by Selectman Tourtelotte with the help of Theresa Turgeon. 


Selectmen Tourtelotte stated that the revised ordinance with Selectmen Billings’ changes were acceptable.


Selectmen Billings summarized that the changes were as a result of objections from the previous special town meeting dealing with an earlier version of the recall ordinance. The revisions included: A selectman could not be recalled during the first or last 100 days of their term; if multiple recalls are attempted at the same time, the recall elections and any elections to fill vacancies must be scheduled in such a way to maintain three members of the Board; allows a recount to be requested by petition if the recall is unsuccessful by the margin is two percent or less; bans the recall of a selectman who has been unsuccessfully recalled for one year after the recall election; bans a recalled official from running for the Board for one year after being recalled; and requires at least 250 affirmative votes for a recall election to be effective.


Selectman Billings suggested that the Town Attorney review the proposed ordinance and it be brought back to the Board after review.


  1. Review Select Board Meeting Calendar for remainder of 2011


At the request of the Board, Town Manager Post created a list of regular Board meetings for the remainder of 2011.  The Board by consensus agreed to change the regular meeting dates in November to November 1 and November 15.  The rest of the schedule remains as usual with the Board meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays.


The Board suggested that the Town Manager look at the week of September 19th for the informational meeting on the Recycling Barn.


Item 6:  Town Manager’s Report


      a)   Fire Engine Accident Update


Town Manager Post stated that the 2002 International “Tanker 2” was involved in an accident on Saturday July 30th.  The truck was sideswiped by another vehicle traveling in the opposite lane.  It appears that most of the damage is cosmetic, but two compartment doors may need replacing.  The insurance adjuster from the other vehicle operator’s insurance company will be viewing the fire engine later in the week.  The fire engine was not taken out of service.


  1. ReviewSpecial TownMeeting & Election Schedule


The Board reviewed the schedule for the special town meeting and election on November 8th as prepared by the Town Manager.  The Town Manager stated that the dates are scheduled to meet statutory requirements and to fall on regularly scheduled Board meetings.


  1. July 2011 Financial Report


The financial report for July was presented for the Board’s information.


  1. Sheriff’s Monthly Report


The July report from the Sagadahoc County Sheriff was presented for the Board’s information.


Item 7:  Consideration of FY12 Treasurer’s Warrant #05: $131,597.23


Selectman Billings stated that he had asked the Town Manager about the $80,987.50 payment to Pine Tree Engineering and the manager stated that the payment should be to Labbe and Sons, Inc. for the Center Street Project.


Selectman Hobart asked about the excise tax refund.  The Town Manager answered that he approved the refund in this instance because the newly purchased vehicle was returned the next day and the entire transaction was cancelled.


On motion of Billings/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve Treasurer’s Warrant #05 with the change in payment from Pine Tree Engineering to Labbe and Sons, Inc.


Item 8:  Selectperson’s Request for Agenda Items for next meeting (August 23, 2011)


Selectman Billings stated that some people have asked him about Selectman Tourtelotte doing work on the old fire station property so close to the Town selling the property and he would like an item on the next agenda to uncover the facts surrounding this issue.


Selectman Tourtelotte stated that he did not do anything wrong in doing the work and was not contracted to do the work until after the new owner purchased the property.  He stated that he did the work for cost and did not make a profit on the work.


Selectman Hobart stated that he does not want this item on the agenda. Selectman Tourtelotte agreed.


Selectman Billings stated that it appears to be a conflict of interest with a selectman doing work on a property that was owned by the Town.


Some members of the audience became involved in the discussion and Chairman Hobart ceased discussion on the topic.


Item 9:  Announce Future Meetings, Workshops, Events


  1. Selectmen’s Meetings-
    • August 23rd – Regular Meeting
    • September 13th – Regular Meeting


  1. Celebrate Bowdoinham – September 10th


Item 10: Convene in Executive Session pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. §405(F) to consider a Poverty Abatement Request – Tabled.



Item 11: Adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


Board of Selectmen                                                                                         

Town of Bowdoinham, Maine       

Brian Hobart, Chair

Dan Billings

Doug Tourtelotte


Respectfully submitted,                                       

William S. Post, Town Manager