2011-10-11 Select Board Meeting MInutes


Town of Bowdoinham

Select Board Meeting

October 11, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.

Item 1:  Call the Meeting to Order & Establishment of a Quorum

Meeting called to order and quorum established by Chairman Hobart at 6:30 p.m.  Selectmen Brian Hobart, Dan Billings and Doug Tourtelotte present.  Staff present included Town Manager William Post, Planner Nicole Briand and Assessors’ Assistant Dotty Baker. Cyndie Lamoreau, Chair of the Comprehensive Planning Committee was in attendance.  Approximately six members of the public were also present.     

Item 2:  Amendments to the Agenda

Town Manager Post stated that the Request for a Private Road Name under Business Items would be tabled.

Item 3:  Comments from the Public

A member of the audience asked for an update on the Recycling Barn.  Town Manager Post stated that the Board has been discussing this issue and at their last meeting directed the manager to pursue the short-term solution of obtaining workers’ compensation insurance through either the current carrier or another carrier and to continue researching long-term solutions.  The long-term solutions include repairing the current facility to building a new facility to changing the program and building a new facility.

The audience member then asked if there would be a solid waste committee appointed to help with the work.  Selectperson Billings stated that the work of the previous solid waste committee was completed and that there is not time now for a committee to review this issue.

Item 4:  Approval of Minutes

  1. September 26, 2011


On Motion of Tourtelotte/Hobart, the Board voted 2 – 0 to approve the minutes of September 26, 2011.

Item 5:  Business Items:

  1. Act on Pole Permit Application by Central Maine Power

On motion of Tourtelotte/Billings, the Board voted 3 – 0 to the Pole Permit Application by Central Maine Power.

  1. Act on Request for a Private Road Name - Tabled


  1. Act of Appointments of Albert Stehle and Glenna Morin to the 250thAnniversary Committee

On motion of Tourtelotte/Billings, the Board voted 3 – 0 to appoint Albert Stele and Glenna Morin to the 250thAnniversary Committee for terms expiring September  2012.

  1. Discussion on Comprehensive Planning Committee’s Proposed Goals

Cyndie Lamoreau, Chair of the Comprehensive Planning Committee, stated that the committee is asking all Town boards and committees for input and feedback on the Comprehensive Planning Committee’s proposed goals as developed from the approved vision statement (attached).  She stated that the Committee worked on all of the areas listed except for Marine Resources and that area was left with the unedited state goals in place.  The Committee is working with the Muskie School of Public Policy on data collection for agriculture and marine resources.  The Committee is also continuing its outreach and did so at Celebrate Bowdoinham and with other Town committees.

Selectperson Billings asked if the areas covered in the proposed goals list are required areas for the Comprehensive Plan or suggested to be covered.  Cyndie Lamoreau replied that they are required.

Selectperson Billings stated that he is concerned about the goals listed under “Forest”. The last revision of the Land Use Ordinance removed many regulations so that just the state minimums are now required and would not want to create policy or ordinances above the state minimums. 

Planner Nicole Briand stated that the process for comprehensive plans generally, is that policies and ordinances would be put in place based on the goals adopted in the plan. 

Selectperson Billings stated that he does not believe there needs to be any action under the “Forest” topic, whereas the other topics should be addressed.

Resident George Christopher stated that the residents seem to be pleased with land in town being placed in conservation and maybe that is a strategy to reach the “Forest” goals.

Cyndie Lamoreau stated that residents at the public meetings commented in favor of managing forestland in town, but they do not necessarily want regulations to protect forestland.

Selectperson Billings asked what the next step is for the comprehensive plan.  Planner Briand stated that the next step would be for the committee to brainstorm about how to reach the goals. This would involve additional public input

Selectperson Billings reiterated that he does not believe more regulations for forestland are needed.

  1. Act on Approval of Personnel Policy Amendment to Section 12. “Vacations”.


The Town Manager stated that when the Board last revised the Personnel Policy in June, the Board addressed vacation accrual in an attempt to limit the Town’s liability.  In reviewing the language adopted, the manager believes that a further clarification is needed.  He recommended that Section 12.5, second paragraph read as follows:

“This policy is to be a “Use It or Lose It” policy, therefore, the accumulation of vacation time beyond the current year’s allotment is discouraged In the event an employee accumulates vacation time in excess of one year’s allowance, the employee may carry forward, on their anniversary date, no more than 10 days vacation plus one year’s allowance and the rest will be lost.”

On motion of Billings/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 3 – 0 to amend the Personnel Policy Section 12.5 by adding the phrase “plus one year’s allowance”.

Item 6:  Town Manager’s Report

  1. Update on Town Office Staff

The manager stated that he has received and is reviewing applications for the assistant town clerk/assistant tax collector position and expects to hire soon.  In addition, Darren Carey has begun training to become a code enforcement officer for the Town.  This training will be accomplished over the next year, and this will allow residents to be able to speak with a code officer in the office 30 hours per week.  He will continue to serve residents as a customer service representative as well. 

  1. Miscellaneous

The Manager stated that the Public Works plow vehicle has been delivered and will be ready for work soon.  The Manager asked how the Board would like to dispose of the 1988 truck, either through advertising or sealed bid.  The Board, by consensus, recommended the manager sell it through sealed bid process.  

Item 7:  Consideration of FY12 Treasurer’s Warrant #18 for $99,224.17.

On motion of Billings/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 3 – 0 to approve Treasurer’s Warrant #18.

Item 8:  Selectperson’s Request for Agenda Items for next meeting (October 25, 2011) – None

Item 9:  Announce Future Meetings, Workshops, Events

  1. Selectmen’s Meetings-
    • October 25th– Regular Meeting
    • November 1st– Regular Meeting
    • November 8th– Election Day and Special Town Meeting by Referendum


Item 10: Adjourned at 7:11 p.m.

Board of Selectpersons  

Town of Bowdoinham, Maine  

Brian Hobart, Chair                                               

Daniel Billings

Douglas Tourtelotte

Respectfully submitted,            

William S. Post, Town Manager