2011-11-17 Planning Board Meeting Minutes



November 17, 2011 at 6:30pm


Item 1:              Call Regular Meeting to Order at 6:30pm


                        Present: Ellen Baum-Chair, Bill Shippen, Paul Baines, Paul Beltramini, Brent Zachau, and                       Dan Stockford


Item 2:              Consideration of October 27thMeeting Minutes


Shippen made a motion to approve the minutes.  Baum seconded and all voted in favor.


Item 3:              Other Business


  • Sign Approvals

                              The Board signed the approved plans for the Long Branch School and Bowdoinham           Skatepark.


  • Annual Ordinance Review

                              Baines made a motion to approve the revisions to the Capacity of the Applicant       performance standard to Site Plan Review.  Shippen seconded the motion and all voted         in favor.  The Board reviewed revisions to the enforcement section of the Ordinance.         The Board will have the public hearing on the proposed revisions to the Ordinance at           their March meeting.


  • December Meeting

                              The Board agreed to meet the 15thof December for a workshop or to review new information only. 


  • Planning Board Training

                              Briand is working on setting up a workshop, possibly a joint workshop with Richmond.


Item 4:              Adjourn Meeting at 7:30pm


Bowdoinham Planning Board