2012-03-13 Select Board Meeting Minutes


Town of Bowdoinham

Select Board Meeting

March 13, 2012 5:30 p.m.



1.         Call the Meeting to Order & Establish a Quorum


The meeting was called to order and quorum established by Chairman Hobart at 5:30 p.m.  Select Board members Brian Hobart, Kathy Gallant, Kathy Tome, M. Theresa Turgeon and Douglas Tourtelotte were present.  Staff present included Town Manager William Post, Assessing Consultant Ron Beal and Assessing Clerk Dotty Baker. Steve Levesque, Executive Director of Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority, and two members of the public were also in attendance.


2.         Amendments to the Agenda – None


3.         Approve Consent Calendar

            A.  Regular Meeting Minutes of February 28, 2012


            On motion of Tome/Hobart, the Board voted 4 – 0 – 1, (Tourtelotte abstained) to           approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of February 28, 2012.


            B.   Warrants & Financial Reports:

                  1.   Treasurer’s Warrant #53 for $240,366.04

                  2.   February Finance Report

            C.  Communications

                  1.   Sheriff’s February Incident Report


On motion of Tourtelotte/Gallant, the Board voted 5 – 0 to approve the remainder of the consent calendar as presented.


4.         Discussion Items


            A.  Meet with Steve Levesque – Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA) Executive Director for update on BNAS redevelopment


            Steve Levesque stated that Brunswick Naval Air Station closed about one year ago.  The MRRA has been working over the last year to implement the Reuse Master Plans for the former base with the focus on redeveloping the properties and creating new high quality jobs.  MRRA currently owns about 1,100 acres out of the 3,200 acres on the former base and will eventually own about 2,000 acres.  The Town of Brunswick owns approximately 1,200 acres, SMCC owns 20 acres and six buildings and Bowdoin College will own about 175 acres.


            There are currently about fifteen new businesses operating with 125 jobs created. These businesses project to provide 450 jobs in the future.

            The airport (Brunswick Executive Airport) is being used by General Dynamics, UNUM and Bowdoin College. Passenger service and terminals are not part of the plan for the airport; the focus is on job development and MRRA is trying to create an aerospace industry at the airport.


            A new healthcare business based in Sweden will be opening in January and is expected to create 100 jobs. A $14 million building is being constructed for this business and they have signed a 20-year lease for the property. The company is expected to move in $20 million of equipment to manufacture their products.


Mr. Levesque stated that MRRA owns all of the utility distribution systems and expects to build a bio-mass electricity plant so they do not have to purchase electricity from Central Maine Power.


            MRRA also expects to create an aviation museum on the site. The property also has the second largest hotel in Maine with 250 rooms on site.  MRRA hopes to find a developer that will renovate this property. 


            Select Board member Kathy Tome stated that she is part of a group that is working with MRRA to develop an ice arena on the former base.


            The Board thanked Mr. Levesque for his update.


            B.   Update on Fundraising (Kathy Tome)


            Select person Tome stated that the jazz concert benefit was attended by about 90 people. The original goal was to raise $4,000 for the Heating Assistance Fund. To date, $5,200 has been raised. She has heard many positive comments about the event and she is already planning another event.  She also thanked Kathy Gallant for her help.


5.         Action Items


  1. Act on Funding for Projects As Approved by the 250thCommittee


            The Manager stated that the 250thCommittee has approved funding for three additional projects: $2,020 for the cemetery clean-up project headed by Al Stehle, $1,000 for records preservation by the Bowdoinham Historical Society, and $6,000 for a chicken barbecue led by Dave Berry. The Manager handed out a report detailing the funds originally available to the 250thCommittee and what has been spent and committed to date for the Board’s information.


            On motion of Turgeon/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 5 – 0 to approve the funding requests of $2,020 for the cemetery clean-up project, $1,000 for record preservation by the Historical Society and $6,000 for a chicken barbecue.



  1. Act on Abatement for Dana Pratt and Christopher Edwards, Map R3, Lot 004, in the amount of $2,473.11


            Assessing Consultant Ron Beal stated that the Board previously approved a Tree Growth Penalty for supplemental assessment for Dana Pratt and Christopher Edwards for property located at 509 Ridge Road in the amount of $8,774.19.  Since then, Ron has been reviewing the issue and documentation at the request of the owners and recommends that the Board approve an abatement in the amount of $2,473.11 as there is no development on the property such as a driveway, septic system, or well, as previously thought.   


            On motion of Gallant/Tome, the Board voted 5 – 0 to approve a tax abatement for a Dana Pratt and Christopher Edwards, account number 221, Tax Map 3, Lot 4 in the amount of $2,473.11.


  1. Act on Agreement for the Provision of Online Tax and Fee Collection Services Through AndroPay


The Manager stated that he and Deputy Treasurer Janet Smith have been reviewing options for providing online acceptance of taxes and fees for Bowdoinham residents. He recommended that the Board approve entering into an agreement with Androscoggin Bank to provide this service. In addition to allowing residents to pay property taxes online with credit cards and e-checks, this will allow residents to pay at the town office with credit cards. There is a fee associated with each transaction, which is disclosed to the user before payment is processed. Androscoggin Bank uses a third party to provide this service so security is not an issue.  In addition, the Town is not charged any fees other than a maximum $250 to set up the service and pay for two card swipe machines for the Town Office.  Androscoggin Bank is waiving the $100 monthly processing fee as we are a customer of the bank.


On motion of Turgeon/Tome, the Board voted 5 – 0 to authorize the Town Manager to enter into an agreement for the provision of online tax and fee collection services through AndroPay.


  1. Act on Request by Sagadahoc County EMA re: Reverse 911 Emergency Notification System


CountyEMADirector Misty Mixon provided answers to the questions raised by the Board as to how those individuals without land line phones would be contacted as well as how the older population would be contacted in emergency events.  Emergency officials will still go door-to-door as much as possible. Through the implementation of the system, the County will be doing a press campaign to make sure the citizens that do not have landlines or telephones will contact the EMA office so that their physical addresses can be added to a list of first visits during an evacuation or with other time sensitive information.


The Manager stated that the $750 cost to the Town is expected to be a one-time payment and the County will include the annual cost in its budget moving forward.


Select Board member Theresa Turgeon stated that she was pleased with the responses from EMA Director Mixon and supports the system.


On motion of Tourtelotte/Tome, the Board voted 5 – 0 to support the implementation of the Reverse 911 emergency notification system and support providing $750 toward the overall annual cost of the system.


  1. Act on Appointment of Election Clerks


On motion of Gallant/Tome, the Board voted 5 – 0 to appoint Leslie Barker, Nora Bishop, Barbara Cree, Robert Cree, Susan Drucker, Nancy Freeman, Emilie Newall, Hank Oguilby, Joan Savoie, Judith Savage, Thomas Walling and Linda Williams as election Clerks for a term of April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2014.


Select Board member Kathy Gallant asked if it was allowable for her to serve as an election clerk as she has volunteered before.  The Town Manager stated that election clerk may be an incompatible office for a select board member, but he would check.


  1. Act on Policy on Treasurer’s Disbursement Warrants for Employee Wages and benefits and State Fees


The Manager stated that this policy allows the treasurer to disburse employee wages and benefits and state fees with the approval of one select board member as allowed by state law.  This policy has not been updated since 2010 and needs to be done annually.


On motion of Tourtelotte/Gallant, the Board voted 5 – 0 to approve the Policy on Treasurer’s Disbursement Warrants for Employee Wages and Benefits, and State Fees.


  1. Town Manager’s Report


            The Town Manager stated that the Public Works Garage and Recycling Barn Task Force has rescheduled the public informational meeting to March 29that 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall because a member of the Task Force, Tade Mahoney, could not be at the original meeting and the school has a concert on March 28th.  The Task Force will make the information packet available to the public before the meeting and it will be available on the Town’s web site. 


            The Ridge Road construction project has been advertised for bid, with bids due and opened on April 3rdat 10:00 a.m.


            The Skate Park Design Project is moving forward with the Town having received four proposals. An excellent review committee has been assembled and interviews will be held with two of the four companies. 


            The Manager stated that the Town’s sign/kiosk needs to be moved since the Town no longer owns the property. Peter Feeney has offered to share a sign with the Town in its current location, but the Board has been advised by its attorney that this should not occur to avoid any appearance of supporting one business over another.  The Manager suggested moving the sign/kiosk to the Town’s property in front of the leased building on River Road.


Select Board member Turgeon suggested that if a new sign is needed to be constructed that it should be modeled after the map at the waterfront.


7.         Selectperson’s Requests for Agenda Items for Next Meeting


Theresa Turgeon asked to be on the agenda to provide an update on the Cable/Internet Committee.


8.         Announce Future Meetings, Workshops, Events


A.  Selectmen’s Meetings-

  1. March 27th– Regular Meeting
  2. April 10th– Regular Meeting

B.   Finance Advisory Committee Meeting – March 19th6:30 p.m.

C.  Informational Meeting to discuss options for Recycling Barn & Public Works Garage, March 29th6:00 p.m. Town Hall


9.         Comments from the Public – None


10.       Adjourn

            The meeting adjourned at 6:39 p.m.

Select Board                                                                                                   

Town of Bowdoinham, Maine  

Brian Hobart, Chair

M. Theresa Turgeon, Vice-Chair

Kathleen Gallant

Kathy Tome

Douglas Tourtelotte

Respectfully Submitted,

William S. Post, Town Manager