2012-07-24 Select Board Meeting Minutes


Town of Bowdoinham

Select Board Meeting

July 24, 2012 5:30 p.m.



1.         Call the Meeting to Order & Establish a Quorum


The meeting was called to order and quorum established by Chairman Hobart at 5:30 p.m.  Select Board members Brian Hobart, Kathy Gallant, Kathy Tome, M. Theresa Turgeon and Douglas Tourtelotte were present.  Staff present included Town Manager William Post.  Peggy Muir and George Christopher were also present.


2.         Amendments to the Agenda – None


3.         Approve Consent Calendar

            A.  Regular Meeting Minutes of July 10, 2012

            B.   Warrants & Financial Reports:

                  1.   Treasurer’s Warrant #3 for $302,278.41


On motion of Tourtelotte/Gallant, the Board voted 5 – 0 to approve the consent calendar as presented.


4.         Action Items


            A.  Act on Request for Speed Limit Reduction on Bay Road from bridge to Wallentine Road


            The Town Manager stated that Peggy Muir asked him about reducing the speed limit on Bay Road from 35 m.p.h. to 25 m.p.h. from the bridge to just southerly of the Wallentine Road. The Manager stated that there are approximately 20 residences in that short section of road, and most of them are close to the road. Many driveways are partially blocked by trees, shrubs or other vegetation.


            Peggy Muir showed a map she created detailing the entrances on the road, the location of homes and other features. She stated that there are many children that visit the homes or live in the area and she has lost one pet caused by a vehicle hitting it.


            The Manager stated that if the Board agrees to ask for a speed limit reduction, the Board would petition the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) with a letter requesting the change. The MDOT would then have a traffic engineer review the speed limit and the area of concern and make a recommendation to the State Police. The State Police would then review the information and change the speed limit or not.  


            Select Board member Tourtelotte asked if there were criteria that the state used to determine the speed limit. Chair Hobart stated that the number of curb cuts is used.       


            On motion of Tome/Gallant, the Board voted 5 – 0 to petition the State for a speed limit reduction on Bay Road from the bridge to just after the Wallentine Road from 35 mph to 25 mph.


5.         Discussion Items


  1. MSAD #75 Application for Waste Discharge License and MEPDES Permit for Bowdoinham Community School


            The Manager stated that George Christopher had brought this issue to his attention several months ago. MSAD 75 has applied to the Department of Environmental Protection for a renewal of the current overboard discharge license for the Bowdoinham Community School. The current license allows the school to discharge treated water from the school’s septic system into the West Branch of the Cathance River. The system contains two septic tanks that hold the waste from the school. It is then pumped to a sand filter, a chlorine treatment tank and chlorine removal tank and finally discharged into the river.  Mr. Christopher’s concern is that the system is over-engineered for the amount of use at the school, and that while the water discharged is tested for bacteria, it is not tested for other contaminants before it is discharged into the river. At some point, the system should be replaced so that the water is not discharged into the river.


            George Christopher met with MSAD 75’s business manager and facilities manager and prepared extensive factual notes on the system. The Board has a copy of those notes. (Note: These are also attached to these minutes.)


            Select Board member Tourtelotte stated that it is clear that the system is over-engineered and could last 40 years based on its current use. He asked if anything else was tested for in the discharged water.


            George Christopher stated that only bacteria are tested for, while there are several other likely contaminants in the water that are by-products of human waste. If the school district new what a replacement system would cost then the budget impact could be spread out over several years so as to not impact the budget in one or two years. Bowdoinham could budget for its 16% share of the cost over several years as well. The estimated cost for a replacement system based on actual maximum usage per day is about $100,000.


            Select Board member Turgeon asked where Mr. Christopher got his estimate of $100,000 for a replacement system.  He answered that the estimate came from a discussion with Doug Tourtelotte.


            Select Board member Tourtelotte asked what the business manager’s response was to Mr. Christopher’s claim that there are other contaminants in the discharged water. Mr. Christopher stated that the business manager did not realize there were other possible contaminants in the discharged water and never really thought about it as they are only required to test for bacteria by the DEP.


            Select Board member Turgeon asked if there are any other properties in town with overboard discharge licenses. George Christopher stated that the 5-unit apartment building on Main Street has an overboard discharge license also.

            The Manager recommended to the Board that they not provide a public comment on the overboard discharge renewal application, but instead work with the school district to informally test the water to see if, and what, other contaminants are in the discharged water. Then the options could be explored.


            By consensus, the Board agreed this was the best plan of action.


6.         Town Manager’s Report


The Manager stated that Dave Lewis has scheduled photos to be taken for identification cards for all employees and the Select Board members. These ID cards are important for the Select Board members in the event of an emergency situation. The employees need them as there are more and more people that are asking for identification from employees when they are in the field working, such as the assessors’ agent, code officers, and harbor master.  The photos are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 30th at the Fire Station.


The Manager will be on vacation from August 5th – 10th and will be out of the office on July 30th, 31st and August 1st.  He also stated that the Public Works employee that was out because of surgery is back to work on a limited basis, so there was no need to hire a temporary employee.


7.         Selectperson’s Requests for Agenda Items for Next Meeting – None


8.         Announce Future Meetings, Workshops, Events


A.  Select Board Meetings

1.  August 14th – Regular Meeting

2.  August 28th – Regular Meeting

            B.   Cable/Internet Committee – July 26th, 1:00 p.m. Municipal Building

            C.  250th Anniversary Committee Meeting – August 1st, 7:00 p.m. Municipal Building


9.         Comments from Select Board Members


            Kathy tome stated that she is working with Cathy Savoie who works with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the Brunswick Food Pantry. 45 families in Bowdoinham use the Brunswick Food Pantry on a regular basis. Kathy Tome will be meeting with Savoie to determine what is needed to start a program in Bowdoinham.


10.       Comments from the Public


            George Christopher stated that he has heard complaints that people are not able to talk at elections. The Manager replied that the Town Clerk is responsible for the elections. He realizes that historically Bowdoinham has allowed many vendors at elections and this leads to discussions, but there does need to be awareness from the residents that the polling place if for the election on not for socializing. This is a difficult balance. The Clerk is trying to ensure that all laws are followed. The issue is not in the socializing, but that the socializing may result in discussing how someone voted or discussion on an issue. In addition, the election workers and poll watchers need to hear during the process.


            Select Board member Turgeon stated that when she filled in for the Clerk during an election and went to a training, the issue was not so much about socializing, but about the possibility of election and voting discussion.


            Select Board member Gallant stated that BCDI recently approved a second loan for a local business. In addition, the first loan doubled, if not tripled, the farmer’s production and the farmer has two full-time and two part-time employees.


11.       Adjourn


            The meeting adjourned by acclimation at 6:11 p.m.



                                    Select Board                                                                                                   

                                    Town of Bowdoinham, Maine   Brian Hobart, Chair




                                                                                                M. Theresa Turgeon, Vice-Chair




                                                                                                Kathleen Gallant




                                                                                                Kathy Tome




                                                                                                Douglas Tourtelotte




                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,




                                                                                                William S. Post, Town Manager