250th Book - Bowdoinham,1762-2012: The Bay, The Land, The People

In honor of the 250th Anniversary of the Town, a new book has been published.  Titled Bowdoinham: 1762-2012: The Bay, The Land, The People,  the 144 page book is a collection of historical photographs and descriptions of some of the major features  of the town.  Also included are essays by Betsy Steen, Janet Galle and Franklin Burroughs.  A fold-out section shows a panoramic waterfront photograph taken in 1912, above a photograph from the same viewpoint in 2012.  The committee that wrote the book began with the collection of photographs from the Bowdoinham Historical Society and added photographs shared by current town residents.  The book sells for $20 and can be purchased at the Town Office and Bowdoinham Public Library.