250th Quilt


We've been working on this beautiful commemorative quilt, celebrating Bowdoinham, all of the local industries and the things that make it such a special place.

Initially, we considered raffling the quilt off, but with more thought, decided that it might be nice to keep it displayed in a public setting where townspeople can see it and continue to enjoy it into the future. To help support that, we are offering the opportunity to purchase a name to be put on the back of the quilt. If you would like to have your name, a couple's name, a business or an organization's name, or simply to add a name in the memory of someone, please download the form that is attached here and mail it to the Bowdoinham Historical Society with your donation, or visit http://www.bowdoinhamhistoricalsociety.org for more information. Proceeds will help restore the Jellerson School.