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Licensed and insured Maine Arborist with over 25 years' experience in tree work, and all phases of carpentry and construction.

Maine native Scott Gallant has been in the tree and contracting business for twenty-five years.  Known locally as "the Jack of all trades, and the master of most," Scott is a skilled arborist, builder, and contractor.

His traditional approach to tree work is a sight to see.  With spikes on his boots; chainsaws, ropes and harness in hand; and a worker on the ground, he seamlessly climbs to the tops of the tallest trees and takes them down the old fashioned way--limb by limb.  He makes a very dangerous and difficult job look effortless.

When you need tree work, please call Scott at 207.838.8733 or send an email to  You'll surely benefit from his competitive rates; twenty-five years' of experience; strong work ethic--and his very strong back!

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15 School Street
Scott Gallant
207 838-8733