Resources for Artists and Craftpeople


Hello Bowdoinham Craftspeople and Artists,
I am writing today to touch base with you and pass along some interesting leads I have found. I would also like to begin the process of increasing the awareness of all of the talented artists we have in the Town of Bowdoinham and the bottom line, increasing your business.
Some of these resources you may be well aware of, or be a part of already, some may be new. Feel free to send other interesting things to me, and periodically I will forward them to the group.
Local Arts Organizations:
·        Five Rivers Art Alliance This is our regional arts organization who just celebrated their 11th year. As well as many other great things, they organize the Friday artwalks in Brunswick and Bath and the Arts Downtown and all around that occurred last weekend. Contact Harriet Mosher at
·        Bowdoinham Guild of Artisans. Going into their 5th year is a group of local artists who do an annual show each December at the Town Hall. Kathy Goddu has done a great job leading this group the last few years. She can be reached at
·        Merrymeeting Arts Center- Created in September 2007 and located in the heart of Bowdoinham has a gallery with rotating exhibits, a Bryce Muir Gallery, and a shop with arts and crafts for sale on consignment. (30% to the center and 70% to the artist). Below is a letter from Kathleen Kenney, the Board of Directors Subdivision on ways to get involved.
The Maine Crafts Association has just opened The Center for Maine Crafts off 295 and the Maine Turnpike at the new Gardiner rest stop. This could be a venue for many of you to have your wares seen by thousands of visitors.
The State of Maine Department of Economic and Community Development hosts a website called
Listing your business is easy and FREE and you can get marketing materials such as made in Maine tags and logos.
The Maine Arts Commission is the government sponsored arts group in Maine, they have some great resources and list serves for artists.
Sell on line
There are a lot of places on the web where you can sell your items with very small commissions. Café Press allows you to customize merchandise with your artwork and set up your own store. does a great job marketing their site and has a low commission charge.
I would love to sit down this winter with you and discuss your business and brainstorm ways to help it expand.
Nicole Briand
Director of Planning & Development
Town of Bowdoinham
13 School St
Bowdoinham, Maine 04008