Advisory Committee on Aging Bylaws






Adopted November 13, 2012

Amended January 14, 2014

Amended January 13, 2015


I. Purpose

The Advisory Committee on Aging will create, where needed, a menu of opportunities to allow people to continue to live in Bowdoinham as they age. The mission of the Advisory Committee on Aging (COA) is to provide services and advocacy that enable older residents of Bowdoinham to live in their homes for as long as possible as well as provide programs geared to keeping older adults active and engaged in the community.

II. Appointment

The municipal officers shall make appointments to the Advisory Committee on Aging in Bowdoinham.

The Advisory Committee on Aging in Bowdoinham shall consist of seven at most nine voting members with two alternatives alternates.

The term of each member shall be three years, except the initial appointments which shall be two appointments for one year, two appointments for two years and three appointments for three years. Alternate members shall be appointed for three year terms. All newly designated committee members are to be sworn in by the Town Clerk.

A vote of a quorum may direct the action of the municipal officers to declare a permanent vacancy due to the unexcused absence of a member from three regular meetings of the Advisory Committee on Aging in Bowdoinham in a twelve-month period. When there is a permanent vacancy, the municipal officers shall within 60 days of its occurrence appoint a person to serve for the unexpired term.

III. Qualifications

Each member of the Advisory Committee on Aging in Bowdoinham shall be: a. A legal resident of the Town of Bowdoinham.

IV. Compensation

There shall be no compensation provided for the members of the Advisory Committee on Aging in Bowdoinham.

V. Duties; Responsibilities

The Advisory Committee on Aging in Bowdoinham has accepted, as its priorities the needs reported in the Aging in Bowdoinham Report 2012 and in subsequent findings:

  1. Information and referral
  2. Increased communication
  3. Central gathering place
  4. Development of a volunteer base
  5. Promotion of inclusiveness

And identified the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Identification of what resources are in place and what could be added.
  2. Exploration of what caused W.A.I.T.E. to stop.
  3. Work in partnership with other organizations.
  4. Explore the possibilities of a senior community center.

VI. Organization

The Committee shall elect a chair, vice chair and secretary at the first regular meeting of each year for a one-year term.

The chair shall call the meetings to order and conduct all business. If both the chair and vice-chair are absent, the members present shall choose a chair for that meeting by majority vote.

The secretary shall take the minutes at each meeting. If the secretary is not present or elected, then an individual shall be appointed at each meeting to record minutes.

Any member who has a direct or indirect pecuniary interest or who for other reasons has a bias in any question on which he or she must decide must make full disclosure of that interest or bias on the record and must abstain from voting or attempting to influence a decision in his or her capacity as a member. Any question of whether a member shall be disqualified from voting on a particular matter shall be decided by a majority vote of the members except the member who is being challenged. Such a member may participate as a member of the public.

The chair shall call at least one regular meeting each month unless there are no agenda items for a given regular meeting. The Committee may change the regular meeting day and/or start time by majority vote of its members. The chair may call special meetings when necessary.

Notice of special meetings shall be posted as required by law.

Whether by consensus or by vote, all decisions require at least a quorum of the committee to support it. No meeting shall be held without a quorum consisting of four members. If there be any vacancies, then a quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the current membership. In the event that a quorum is not present, committee may:

§  Reschedule the meeting to another date and adjourn the meeting; or

§  The committee may continue the meeting with the understanding that no official votes will be taken.

Notice of regular, special and rescheduled meetings shall be posted as required by law.

VII. Amendments

Ratification and amendments of these by-laws will be reviewed annually and amendments must be approved by a majority vote of the committee and the Select Board.



The invalidity of any section or provision of these Bylaws shall not be held to invalidate any other section or provision of these Bylaws.

Originally signed and adopted by the Board of Selectmen on November 13, 2012.

Amended by the Select Board on January 14, 2014.

Amended by the Select Board on January 13, 2015.

Wendy Cunningham, Chair

M. Theresa Turgeon, Vice-Chair

Brian Hobart

Anthony Cox

Douglas Tourtelotte



William S. Post, Town Manager