Bowdoinham Community Development Initiative

Contact Information
Ingrid LeSchefske


Bowdoinham Community Development Initiative –  BCDI

BCDI stimulates, grows and sustains healthy local enterprises, creates resilient local jobs, and facilitates collaboration among the for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors in the local community. BCDI’s focus is on farms, food, forests, the music the art and the artisans that accompany them and the local businesses that support them.


BCDI is a resourceful citizen partner to the Town helping to stimulate and sustain the community. BCDI  provides capital directly (through a local loan/investment project) or indirectly to local enterprises which have an additional public benefit, provides information and linkages to catalyze local entrepreneurial initiatives, serves as an on-the-ground partner to the many mid-coast, regional and state-wide initiatives seeking to preserve farmland and increase the quality and strength of the food economy in Maine. BCDI is a low cost, high value asset of the community, for the community.


Board of Directors:

Kathy Montejo, Chair

Abby Sadauckas, Vice Chair

Rachel Murphy, Treasurer

Harriet Van Vleck

Andy Cutko

David Engler

Mary Mayo

Lily Montgomery

Doug Tourtelotte


Ingrid Leschefske, Consulting Coordinator 



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