Bowdoinham Historical Society


 The Bowdoinham Historical Society was established in 1970, with a meeting of two dozen residents seeking “to collect and preserve records and physical objects relating to the history of Bowdoinham.”   The Historical Society owns two properties, the Meeting House and Jellerson School, the last of the local one-room schoolhouses, and has a large collection of photographs, and many other collections including books, handcrafts, newspaper clippings, and more.  For this event the Bowdoinham Historical Society will display the negatives of Bainbridge Porter Brown at the Meeting House. There are over 150 photographs that have been restored from Bainbridge Porter Brown’s collection  from his Photographic Saloon on Front Street in Bath from 1867 to 1868.   In addition to these negatives, many other 19th century photographs and negatives will be on display.  


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