Business Directory: Submit a Card page

Keep your Directory listing fresh with a page to showcase a specific product, service or special, for a limited period of time.

Enter your name and email address. (Note: This is so we can contact you if we have questions or need more information.)

Tell us when the Card page should expire (also tell us if you want it to start on some particular date).

Default -- if you don't specify -- is that it will start  as soon as it's posted, and will run for 180 days.

Enter the title for the card page. Example: "Summer Special on Metal Roofing."

Enter the content for the Card page: Describe the special item, sale, seasonal special, etc.

Upload a photo or image for your Card page. The file should be a .gif .jpg or .png image, under 2 megabytes in size. We need one or the other, to post the listing.

Note: If you don't have it ready right now, you can send us a photo or image later, or drop off a printed version at the Town Offices.