Business Directory - FAQ

How can I add my local business to the Bowdoinham Business Directory?

You can Submit a New Business Listing using the online form, or fill out a paper form (available at the Town Offices).

How can I enhance my listing, to get more visibility?

You can keep your listing fresh, and get more visibility, with a page to showcase a specific product, service or special, for a limited period of time. Submit a Card Page to add a card page to your business listing.

The Listing and Card pages require a logo, photo or other image. What if I don't have a scanner, or can't upload a picture?

You can drop off a hard copy photo, logo or other image at the Town Offices, and we'll scan it and add it to the page in the Directory. Let us know if you want the original to be returned to you.

Why is a logo, photo, or image required?

Each page includes a logo or a photo/image, to add visual impact and logo recognition, and so that the listing pages are consistent with one another (which helps make it readable).

How can I send a quick update, to my listing page or a card page?

If you just need to send a quick correction, or if you want to change the logo/photo, or have some other minor change to make, you can Send an Update and we will make the change.

What determines which business is shown on the Business page as the "Local Spotlight" business?

It's random. Each time someone loads the page, a random listing from the Directory is shown.

What if I have some other question about the Directory?

Use the Contact Form, and select "Business Directory / Local Products and Services" as the category. We will respond promptly.