Bowdoinham Business Listings

Note: This is the OLD listings page. See the NEW Business Directory for the latest business directory listings. (We will keep the old listings online for a while, as we work on gathering and posting the new listings.)

The mission of Adoption Day Cards is to help adoptive families, birth parents, adoptees and adoption professionals celebrate adoption, and mark important events with lovely images and honest heartfelt text.

heat press machines, embroidery

Freeze ups- Renovation,new construction, repairs, emergency calls, base board heat, specializes in Wisbo Pex Tubing.

Kathy Goddu primarily focuses on fiber art, specifically "Shibori" (ancient Japanese dye resist process with indigo dye) and "Sashiko" (ancient Japanese stitch work: white thread on indigo fabric). She makes silk scarves, hangings, pillows, table runners, altered blue jeans with dyed fabric and stitch work, and much more. Her studio is open by request only, as she works and doesn't have regular hours. Visitors are encouraged to call and stop by.

Wholesale organic greens supplying supermarkets and health food stores.

Make watering your Lawn or Garden easy. Stop dragging that hose around! Imagine watering your lawn with the push of a button or watering while you sleep. Systems are very affordable! Call or email for a free estimate today.

Poured Concrete Foundations, Damp Proofing , Floors & Slabs , Foundations, Floors & Slabs, Fully Insured

Barbara Moskol's Sea Glass pottery is made with Sea Glass melted into the glaze. The Sea Glass used is found on a beach in Eastport Maine where Barbara has a house. The glass is turned up by the tides and whirlpool which is right in front of the beach.

Ben Hunsberger is a musician and songwriter who lives in Bowdoinham, Maine. he has released seven albums of his work since 2001.

Richard Evans is a blacksmith, welder, and fabricator. He makes birds, insects, fish, turtles, frogs, and people out of steel, using coal-fired forge, hammer, and anvil. He also makes tables, lamps, and chairs. His abstract sculptures are crafted from new steel, from old farm machinery, other stee,l and cast iron junk. He is semi-retired from the practice of medicine.