Business Directory: Submit Your Listing

Your business is eligible for inclusion in the Directory if:

  • The business is located in Bowdoinham, and isn't a chain store or franchise. (It's a "local business.")
  • The business is located in another town, but you own it, and you live in Bowdoinham.

If you're not sure, contact us and tell us about the business.

  • Note: We need either a logo or a photo to represent your business in the directory. If you aren't ready to upload that with this form, you can email it later, to Todd Woofenden. Also feel free to use the Contact Form to send questions, corrections, etc.


Fill out the form and click "Submit" at the bottom to send it to us.

Enter the full name of your business, as you want it to appear in the listing.

Enter your name and email address. (Note: This is so we can contact you if we have questions or need more information. The "Contact Person's Name" and "Email" fields below will be used for the listing.)

One sentence describing the kinds of products and services you offer.

A few paragraphs describing your company: Who you are, what you do, etc.

Enter five or ten key words. Key words are words or phrases people would be likely to search for, that ought to lead them to your company listing.

For example, a roofing company might enter: roofing, roofer,  metal roof, roof repair, shingles

Upload a logo or a photo for your listing. (We need one or the other, to post the listing.) The file should be a .gif .jpg or .png image, under 2 megabytes in size.

Note: If you don't have it ready right now, you can send it later, or drop off a printed version at the Town Offices. We will hold your submission, and post it to the Directory as soon as we get the logo/photo.