Buy Local Buy Bowdoinham for Mother's Day!

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Library Plant Sale Gift Certificates

37th annual plant sale  - May 15th
9am-4pm Town Hall
**Gift certificates available prior to the sale at the Public Library**

Life Force Farm

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Allows members to pay for a discounted share of the harvest ahead of the growing season. Starting in June each member will be able to come to the farm and pick up freshly harvested and washed organic produce. Enjoy food grown in ways that are both economically and environmentally sustainable!
71 Carlson Cross Road   215-6773

Catmint Perennials and Hostas

Perennials - Garden Cards - Gardening - Design
Large assortment of garden-grown perennials and over 75 types of hosta for sale.
Come enjoy the extensive display garden of perennials and over 150 kinds of hosta.
Gardens are always open!
(Gift certificates available)
Sarah Stapler   666-8128   16 School Street

Enterprise Farm Greenhouse

Flowers - Herbs - Vegetables
One of the largest greenhouses in the area
Thousands of bedding plants to begin your garden!
Open 7 days a week 8am-6pm
(Gift certificates available)
819 White Road  737-4502

Ceildhe designs

Wearable Art
Custom made glass bead necklaces and earrings as well as glass drawer and cabinet pulls
Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind!
Kathleen McGee   666-3598   32 Wildes Road

Adoption Day Cards

Mother’s Day Cards
Sayings include:
“The gift of life is a gift of love” and “Branches and roots...are the gifts mothers give”
Contact Kate Cutko   666-8405

Artistic Endeavors

Silk Scarves - Hangings - Pillows - Table Runners - Altered blue jeans with dyed fabric and stitch work and much more!
Kathy Goddu primarily focuses on fiber art, specifically “Shibori" (ancient Japanese dye resist process with indigo dye) and “Sashiko" (ancient Japanese stitch work: white thread on indigo fabric).
Gift certificates are available for 3 hour workshops on either Shibori or Sashiko techniques.
Studio is open by request
Kathy Goddu   751-7765

Town Landing Restaurant

Mother’s Day Breakfast
Serving Eggs Benedict!
Flowers given to all mothers
7 - 11:30am
Lynn Spiro   666-3872