Scavenger Hunt


            Celebrate Bowdoinham activities will be enlivened by a new feature: a scavenger hunt!  Four person teams (any age) will register to take pictures of up to 117 specific places and activities in town just before and during the September 14, 2013 event. Each item is assigned a point value and the winning team with the most points will get $100 sponsored by The Town Landing.

            Scavenger Hunt topics range from “Entire Team Wearing Sombreros” to “A Dog in a Tutu.” Many items require teams to go to specific places in town (for example “Entire team having a picnic at the Recycling Barn”. Proof of accomplishment is the submission of one clear picture for EACH item.

            Teams can register and get their list of item and rules of the game at the Town Landing Restaurant in Bowdoinham on Wednesday September 11th beginning at 5pm. The hunt must be completed and all the pictures submitted together by 2 pm Saturday September 14th during Celebrate Bowdoinham.

            Watch for teams of four doing silly things around town!


For more information, please contact  Lynn Spiro, The Town Landing, at 666-3872.