Goals for Bowdoinham

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Comprehensive Planning Committee

Goals - Approved

February 7, 2012


  1. To promote an economic climate that increases local job opportunities, our sense of community and overall economic well-being.
  2. To encourage small businesses & entrepreneurship.
  3. To encourage development that enhances our village and community.
  4. To enhance our economic opportunities by making the most of our recreational, agricultural, natural, marine, historical and cultural resources.



  1. To enhance the viability of agriculture so that it will remain an economic strength for future generations.
  2. To promote buying local foods and enhance opportunities to obtain local foods.
  3. To safeguard our agricultural resources.
  4. To encourage economically viable, ecologically sound and socially responsible agriculture.



To promote forest management, forest activities and stewardship that provides an economic benefit and supports our recreational opportunities, water quality and wildlife habitat.

Natural Resources

  1. To manage and protect critical natural resources, including wetlands, wildlife and fisheries habitats, shorelands, scenic vistas, and unique natural areas.
  2. To promote good stewardship of Merrymeeting Bay and all the natural, marine, cultural and historic resources that Merrymeeting Bay provides.


Water Resources

To manage and protect our water resources, including aquifers, wetlands, ponds, streams, rivers and Merrymeeting Bay.

Historic and Archaeological Resources

To recognize, protect and encourage preservation of our archaeological and historic resources.


  1. To promote and protect the availability of outdoor recreational opportunities.
  2. To plan for, develop, promote and encourage recreational opportunities for all ages. 
  3. To plan for and develop regional recreational opportunities and facilities.



  1. To plan for and develop an efficient transportation system that accommodates anticipated growth, economic development and changes in the State’s transportation policies.
  2. To implement and update a road maintenance plan.
  3. To promote the development of and encourage the use of alternative forms of transportation.



  1. To encourage and promote safe and affordable housing opportunities, which are consistent with the other goals within this plan.
  2. To allow a diversity of housing types.


Public Facilities and Services

  1. To plan for and develop an efficient system of public facilities and services that support current needs, anticipates growth and promotes economic development.
  2. To preserve and enhance the community institutions which make Bowdoinham special.
  3. To implement existing Town plans, such as the Waterfront Plan and Walkable Village Plan.


Fiscal Capacityand Capital Investment Plan

To develop and implement a plan to finance an efficient system of public facilities and services that support current needs, anticipates growth, promotes economic development and accommodates State policies.