Vision Statement

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Town of Bowdoinham

Vision Statement

Based on considerable public input, the Comprehensive Planning Committee

presents this vision for the Town of Bowdoinham for the year 2021.

In the year 2021 Bowdoinham is pretty much the same as it is today, only better.

The town’s rural character, rich history, and natural beauty are preserved. The people here are peaceful, supportive, and tolerant as they have been for generations. The local economy is strong and relatively self-sufficient.

The village is ever more attractive and lively. There are more businesses, another restaurant or two, and sidewalks. New development in the village is in character with the historic buildings and served by enhanced infrastructure.

More of the land is in agricultural use and the food produced is healthy and safe. Bowdoinham farms supply an impressive proportion of local food needs and bring significant money into the community from away. Woods, wetlands, and waterfronts are highly valued as in the past. Continuing a tradition of thoughtful management, Bowdoinham’s wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation areas, including Merrymeeting Bay, are treasured by locals and visitors alike. Bowdoinham’s country roads continue to be lined with scattered houses, fields, forests and small businesses. New development and stores are in keeping with local and historic character.

We are a hugely diverse mix of blue collar and white collar, young and old, liberal and conservative, from here and from away, and are proud to support each other and our community in the face of challenges. Artists, musicians, and craftspeople are abundant and appreciated. Small businesses and entrepreneurship are encouraged. Though proud to be local, Bowdoinham people are connected to the region and to the world. There is high quality cell phone connectivity and internet access throughout the town.

Bowdoinham is a great place to live, work, play, raise kids and grow old. Specific initiatives are targeted to help youth love, appreciate and engage with their community, and to help elderly live here comfortably and securely. Affordable housing, among a diversity of housing options, is available for young and old.

Specific institutions, central to the appeal of community, are maintained and nurtured; for instance, Town Meeting, Bowdoinham Community School, the Library, the Recycling Barn and Program, the Waterfront Park, the Farmers Market, and the Town Hall.

In the year 2021, Bowdoinham has adapted to global change yet retained its human scale and historic values.


Unanimously approved by the Comprehensive Planning Committee, August 2, 2011.