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Whitewater & Sea Touring Kayaks * Fibreglass & Plastic * U.K & U.S.A Designs / Boats * Accessories * Tours * Instruction / Manufacturer of the Sturgeon Sea Kayak-- expedition proven worldwide since 1980

Over thirty years of composite building experience with fiberglass, SpectraTM, KevlarTM, and carbon fiber in both the marine and aerospace industries go into our manufacturing.

We slowly refine our designs as needed and incorporate proven new materials in order to enhance our boats’ performance and durability. Our unique foam cored vacuum bagging process cuts VOC emissions in manufacturing to an absolute minimum and creates a light and extremely stiff Sturgeon.

Dragonworks strives for a goal of zero defects and we guarantee our boats for the life of the owner against any manufacturer’s defects leading to damage. When five to ten of us stand on the deck of a Sturgeon, we are fond of saying that “like most other manufacturers, we also stand behind our boats.”

With our more than 40 years of outdoor education experience you can enjoy kayak instruction or a tour of Merrymeeting Bay with Dragonworks assured we’ll bring you back alive and with more knowledge than you embarked with.

Have Fun, Paddle Safe, Leave Nothing Behind But Your Wake

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