About Bowdoinham EMS


Emergency Medical Services
Ann Davis, Director
Bowdoinham Emergency Medical Services received 190 calls for medical attention in 2007. Responders were present at the majority of calls providing care prior to the arrival of the transporting ambulance.
Our weekday coverage remains weak as many of our responders work fulltime jobs and volunteer as they are available. Our night, weekend and holiday coverage remains strong with a firm commitment from our volunteers.
Bowdoinham EMS currently has a membership of 10 responders, 1 Paramedic, 1 Intermediate, 4 Basic EMT’s, 3 First Responders and 1 Helper. Fundraisers that were done in 2007 were the Annual Christmas Craft Fair and selling food at Celebrate Bowdoinham.
There have been many training opportunities for the responders in the past year such as Meth Lab Training put on by Maine DEA, Cold Water Rescue Training with the fire department, Extrication Training, and many more. Bowdoinham EMS continues to train with the Bowdoinham Fire Department as the opportunities present to assure a solid unit between the two departments. Bowdoinham EMS has also converted to Electronic Run Reporting to Maine EMS like many of the larger EMS services. This technology offers us efficiency and the ability to affectively perform ongoing quality assurance much more effectively. We were one of the first services to be utilizing this program and it will become mandatory for all services as of January 2009. As our advisor, Linda Williams deserves the credit for getting us onboard with this and she has done a tremendous job.
Bowdoinham EMS also had the opportunity to receive an AED for the Bowdoinham Community School.  This was granted to us through a program that Susan Collins Office and DEFIB tech (the maker of the AED) coordinated for 25 Schools in Maine that have a long response time to the nearest hospital. I am very pleased to announce that Bowdoinham Community School was chosen to be one of those schools. This AED will be kept in the gym of the school.
I was very happy to become the Director of Bowdoinham EMS in July 2007. I have lived in Bowdoinham all of my life and am extremely pleased to be able to help its citizens and visitors in a time of need.
I also want to thank everyone for the support that you give our organization. And I would also like to thank each responder personally for their dedication. I really appreciate it.
We are always in need of Responders, helpers or fundraisers. If you are interested please feel free to call me at 319-7572 or email me at molly101@suscom-maine.net.
Ann G. Davis
EMS Director