Business Workshop: The Financials - Getting those Pesky Numbers in Line

Thu, 03/22/2018 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Graduate Meeting Room, Coombs Municipal Building, 13 School St


    Knowing how the business numbers work together provides powerful information to the entrepreneur.  We’ll take the mystery out of the various financial forms that entrepreneurs need to create and keep track of.  They all flow into each other!  The bookkeeping system leads into the Profit and Loss Statement, the Cash Flow, and the Balance Sheet.  By understanding the language of these forms, entrepreneurs can see clearly how well their business is doing.  We’ll also spend some time looking at the Schedule C and other tax forms that a business needs to file at tax time.  They become much easier to do when you see how it all fits together.  Being able to document and “read” the numbers gives entrepreneurs the power to make good decisions for their business.

    The workshop instructor will be Wendy Rose, who worked as a small business counselor and trainer for Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community for over 25 years. In this work, she helped new and existing business owners write business plans, develop marketing strategies, set up their financial systems and coordinate their business systems. 
    This workshop is free for Bowdoinham businesses and residents. There will be worksheets and handouts for participants to take home. 
    For more information or questions, please contact Nicole Briand, Director of Planning & Development at 666-5531 or