Library Talk Continued - Where do we go from here?

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 7:00pm
On a cold evening in December, the library hosted a gathering in the Town Hall to hear a discussion by Bowdoinham resident Howard Solomon.  Inspired to action by the deadly shooting in the Pittsburgh synagogue in October, Howard spoke to us about the history of Anti-Semitism in America. He gave a whirlwind history of the roots of anti Semitic language, rhetoric and iconography beginning in ancient times and continuing to today.  The gathered crowd of 78 people was both moved and inspired.  In person and online, people have requested that we continue the conversation- about anti Semitism and about other “isms”. We heard people’s desire for gathering in community and for discussion of current issues and ways we can bring about change.   
Please join us as we continue the conversation. Thursday, January 31st at 7pm in the Kendall Room, Coombs Municipal Building. Coffee, community and conversation discussing “Where do we go from here?”. We can begin by reflecting on Howard’s presentation and perhaps decide on a book or speaker to move us forward in discussing how we each can bring change in a world of widening differences. Bring a friend and bring ideas. All are welcomed.