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The Comprehensive Plan must include a Future Land Use Plan that is consistent with the community’s vision and other policies in the plan. The Future Land Use Plan brings together plan elements that affect land use. It is intended to synthesize these elements into a cohesive guide to realizing the community’s vision, including the development of land use regulations/ordinances. Use the analysis of conditions and trends data in Section 4, in conjunction with the vision statement, to develop the community’s Future Land Use Plan.

The Future Land Use Plan divides the community into geographical areas identified as either most suitable for growth or most suitable for rural uses unless exempted under 30-A M.R.S.A. §4326(3-A), more fully described below. The Future Land Use Plan also incorporates a map of critical natural resources and any designated critical rural and critical waterfront areas within the community. The Future Land Use Plan will be the focus of the Office review for consistency with the Act.

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