Future Land Use Strategies

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The Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC) is striving to create a Comprehensive Plan that supports the Vision to:

• Allow for more housing and business development in the growth area/village.

• Protect and expand agricultural use: protect wetlands, wildlife corridors and the like.

• Continue to allow for the land uses most community members value.


Land Use Strategies

12-04-13 Final

  1. Allow for smaller lot sizes, lot frontage and setbacks and for higher densities in the growth area to create conditions that allow the village to grow.
  2. Allow for smaller lot sizes, but limit the residential density in the Rural Area.
  3. Explore regulating driveway entrances instead of having a lot road frontage requirement.
  4. Allow cluster housing.
  5. Create a transfer of development rights program which would allow for greater development densities in the village.
  6. Continue to allow for mixed use development throughout Town with buffering to different uses.
  7. Minimize non-agricultural development on prime farmland soils.
  8. Protect active agricultural activities from new development by requiring buffers & setbacks.
  9. Encourage utilization and support the preservation of prime farmland.
  10. Minimize the impact of development in and around high valued areas, such as wetlands, waterbodies and wildlife.
  11. Continue to encourage the preservation of open space and the creation of greenspace.
  12. Continue to encourage the preservation of access to land and water resources.
  13. Continue to allow diverse housing types within the Towns ordinances including cluster and co-housing.
  14. Support efforts to develop affordable, seasonal and workforce housing.
  15. Support the development of housing opportunities for elderly and assisted living.
  16. Implement the Walkable Village Plan.
  17. Implement the Waterfront Plan.
  18. Continue to coordinate and partner with other municipalities, Friends of Merrymeeting Bay, and other organizations to protect natural resources.
  19. Maintain, enact or amend local ordinances as appropriate to:
    1. Clearly define the desired scale, intensity, and location of future development.
    2. Establish and maintain fair and efficient permitting procedures.
    3. Explore streamlining permitting procedures in growth areas.
    4. Clearly define protective measures for critical (and important) natural resources;
    5. Clearly define protective measures for any proposed critical rural areas.
    6. Ensure that the Town’s Land Use Ordinance is consistent with applicable State laws and rules regarding critical natural resources.
    7. Review and update Shoreland Zoning rules.
  20. Assign responsibility for implementing the Future Land Use Plan to the appropriate committee(s), board(s) or municipal official(s).