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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a revolutionary farming model that allows individuals and families to pay for a discontinued share of the harvest ahead of the growing season when the farmer needs the money for expense like seeds, soil amendments, potting soil, and greenhouse firewood. A share means that each member will be able to come to the farm, starting in June and pickup freshly harvested and washed organic produce as the season changes. This direct link between the farmer and the eater means that I can better grow the food for the people that I know and the consumer can see the farm and know that I am growing food in ways that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. Reestablishing the local food economy never tasted so good!



Hello and Happy Spring!
Few updates from the farm:
  • Ducks are laying eggs, about 1 1/2 dozen a day! I am bringing duck eggs to the Brunswick Farmers Market this weekend along with some extra potatoes and onions and maybe some frozen food also(the beet greens I think are to die for). Most of my table will be Fishbowl Farm's organic produce and I will have my things there to supplement due to low quantities so you can support 2 farms now if you like. Also will have at the farmhouse if you would like to swing by to grab some.
  • Onions and leeks are seeded and coming up in a friends greenhouse while mine is being fine tuned for the wood heating season. I beleive there are close to 15,000 plants al together so should be plenty for the summer and winter share! Little greenhouse will soon be planted to peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and all the early spring crops like kale, broccoli, cabbage and others. BIG greenhouse is almost finished(quite the project) and the ground inside is drying nicely from all the fall rains and will hopefully be ready to plant by early April which means some nice early greens which will complement the overwintered parsnips and hopefully a few other things, again, still figuring out the Spring share thing...
  • There are still Summer Shares available, only about 20 spots and they will fill fast so if you are still interested in this years veggies, send in the $100 deposit and we will get you signed up! Again, thanks to all those who signed up early, the $$ really helps finance the farm expenses.
I am glad Spring is here and excited about this season, especially being able to get early greens and tomatoes/peppers/eggplant/basil and cucumbers! OK, feel free to contact me anytime with questions about the season and hope everyone is doing well in these interesting economic times.
Farmer Ben