Lobster Buoy Birdhouses


Peter & Nikki Sullivan started making birdhouses in 2006. Each birdhouse is handmade from Maine cedar (renowned for its decay resistance) and therefore unique. The shape and rough texture simulate vintage buoys. Every detail has been recreated down to the functional tapering of the rope handle hole.  And the rope is an actual piece of used lobster rope that we beach-combed from local beaches after a winter storm.  Each is colored with the highest quality solid stain available.  They have drilled a drain hole in the base and roughed-up the inner wall to assist fledglings as they leave the nest. The flat back allows the birdhouse to be mounted on a post or pole as well as hung by its rope handle.  At the bottom is a beveled drawer that allows for easy cleaning after nesting season.

Their newest product is the buoy suet feeder.  Although smaller than the birdhouse because it is actually the center piece that is leftover after we hollow out the birdhouse cavity, it still has that old wooden buoy look.  They use the same nautical colors to stain each feeder and the suet cakes can be easily placed in to the cutout cage area.  Both the birdhouse has been well used by birds such as chickadees, bluebirds, titmouses, swallows and others.  The suet feeders have the usual suet eating guest: woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees to name a few.

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